3D Result Today 21 November 2023 – PCSO Swertres Lotto

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Abstract of the Post – In this post you can find PCSO 3D Result Today (Nov 21, 2023) and up-to-date winning numbers, and 2 pm, 5 pm, & 9 pm live draw results. Here You can also see 3D Lotto’s other name, prize information, Past result history, winners, top stories, schedule of draw timing, details about how to play, and prize claiming process.

3D Result Today 21 November 2023 – PCSO Swertres Lotto

3D Result Today 21 November 2023 & Winning Numbers – Find in this post PCSO’s most exciting game 3D Lotto Result Today for Tuesday, 21 November 2023. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office daily aires the 3D Lotto Live Draw every Morning at 2pm, Afternoon at 5pm, and Evening at 9pm.

3D Result Today 21 November 2023 (Tuesday)3D Result Today 21 November 2023 - Swertres Lotto

Get an up-to-date result summary on the 3D Lotto (Swertres) winning numbers instantly after the draw announcement by Philippines PCSO authorities.

3D Lotto 2PM Winning Numbers
3D Lotto 5PM Winning Numbers
3D Lotto 9PM Winning Numbers

3D Lotto Result for Yesterday 20 November 2023 (Monday)

In this table, you can search 3D Lotto’s accurate previous outcome (result) for three different times (2 PM, 5 PM, & 9 PM), and the number of winners.

Draw Time 2pm 2pm 2pm
Winning Numbers 4-5-0 0-6-7 1-1-2
Prize Winners TBA TBA TBA

You can verify Swertres (3D) Lotto past results & winning numbers in exact order by visiting Swertres Result Yesterday and Swertres Result History.

History of 3D Lotto Result

Whenever you were busy with your work & missed your favorite PCSO 3D Lotto game live draw, don’t worry. You can get accurate updates 3D Result Today 21 November 2023, and the past 30 days right here.

Date 2 PM Draw 5 PM Draw 9 PM Draw
21 November 2023 4-9-6  4-3-2  1-2-8 
20 November 2023 4-5-0 0-6-7  1-2-2 
19 November 2023  2-8-9 8-7-8  4-7-6 
18 November 2023 9-0-5  3-5-6  6-1-7 
17 November 2023  3-2-2 5-4-1  7-3-5 
16 November 2023 7-1-9  8-1-6 8-6-7 
15 November 2023 4-1-6 1-3-0 6-0-8
14 November 2023 5-2-4 6-8-3 8-4-7
13 November 2023 5-3-7 2-3-1 5-1-0
12 November 2023 9-3-5   0-6-6 8-2-2 
11 November 2023 8-6-8  3-5-6  3-9-6 
10 November 2023 5-6-1   3-8-7 6-8-3 
09 November 2023 6-2-7  7-8-7  1-1-5 
08 November 2023 7-3-3   5-8-0 2-2-9 
07 November 2023  9-1-7  3-0-1  9-2-9
06 November 2023  6-7-7 4-2-2  3-5-3 
05 November 2023 1-3-5   0-8-5 4-4-5 
04 November 2023 3-3-6  9-9-4   4-9-6
03 November 2023 9-9-1  9-9-3  0-4-1 
02 November 2023 6-9-9  3-8-9  5-8-8 
01 November 2023  4-2-2 1-2-8  4-9-8 
31 October 2023 6-1-1  5-5-7  1-4-4 
30 October 2023  3-5-6 8-5-7   3-7-3
29 October 2023 9-7-7  9-9-3   5-6-6
28 October 2023 9-9-0  0-6-5  6-9-4 
27 October 2023 5-3-9  8-6-3  9-4-2
26 October 2023 8-6-8 9-5-1 5-3-4
25 October 2023  8-8-0  6-3-3 8-2-9 
24 October 2023  3-1-5  8-1-4 2-6-3 
23 October 2023  9-4-5 3-5-5   8-3-7
22 October 2023 6-5-7  6-4-6  7-4-3 
21 October 2023  6-1-5 9-4-1   4-5-1
20 October 2023  1-3-3 7-2-1  0-9-9 
19 October 2023 6-8-0   0-5-1 0-5-0 
18 October 2023 1-7-1  1-2-0  3-7-3 
17 October 2023  3-1-4  1-0-4 3-4-6 
16 October 2023 8-7-6   2-3-4  9-0-0
15 October 2023  6-6-9 9-9-3 1-5-5 
14 October 2023  4-5-7 0-2-2  5-2-1 
13 October 2023 9-8-8  2-1-6  9-9-9 
12 October 2023  5-4-4  0-2-7 5-4-8 

To entertain the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation conduct 3D Lotto draws thrice daily at three different times a day. Not only the 3D lotto, but the PCSO lotto commission is also responsible for the EZ2 2D Lotto and Grand Lotto draw.

3D Lotto Draw Schedule

Swertres Lotto is another name for 3D Lotto. PCSO 3D Lotto game is played daily (Monday to Sunday) at three different times. Here is the 3D Lotto ticket sales time & draw timing.

3D Lotto Draws Timing Ticket Sale Time
1st Draw – 2:00 PM 7:00 am to 1:45 PM
2nd Draw – 5:00 PM 7:00 am to 1:45 PM
3rd Draw – 9:00 PM 5:05 pm to 8:00 PM

What is 3D Lotto or Swertres?

Sweaters Lotto & 3D Lotto are the same lottery so whatever is called 3D Lotto or Swertres. 3D Lotto was launched in the PCSO Lotto portfolio as Swertres Lotto on June 13, 2002. The word Swertres was taken from 2 different words Swerte & Tres. Swerte means Luck of Philnos & the word tres means three (3). In the origin of Swertres Lotto, it was drawn for the Morning Draw at 11:00 pm, the Afternoon Draw at 4:00 pm & the evening Draw at 9:00 pm.

In August 2020 Swertrers Lotto’s time was changed & set to 2:00 o’clock, 5:00 o’clock, & 9:00 o’clock. The Philippines decided to change the Swertres Lotto game name to 3D Lotto.

Swertres Lotto is a Non-jackpot Lotto game. It is the PCSO’s most popular & well-known game for a fixed jackpot of ₱4,500. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation aires the Lotto games Live Draws. PCSO Lotto Draws are aires on the PTV4 PCSO Official FB Page and Official YouTube Channel.

3D lotto games are played via Online & physical presence to authorized retailers but now online facility remain or not will be decided in the future. In October 2023, a House of Representatives committee presented the bill for the restriction of Lotto games. PCSO wanted to introduce this bill to forbid youth and children from application betting.

What is the ticket cost for the Swertres 3D Lotto?

Filipinos can enter in PCSO 3D lotto game ticket cost is 12 Pesos.

Method to play 3D Lotto

PCSO 3D Lotto is a straightforward & easy game to play. PCSO Lotto can be played online via mobile phones, tabs, & laptops and to authorized retailers.

Place an order 3D Lotto ticket for ₱10 or ₱12 (through an online or authorized retailer)

Choose a combination of three digits from Zero (0) to Nine (9).

You can select the Lucky Pick option, through it machine will automatically generate numbers for you.

For 3D Lotto Pick your desired time 2 pm, 5 pm, & 9 pm, or all.

Select Rambolito bet, & win, even if your combination is not in exact order.

3D lotto Rambolito bet & its Combination

Rambolito is a 3D Lotto bet type. Through it, in any case, a player wins even if your combination is not in exact order. Rembolito is a little different from the standard 3D lotto. But it is a unique way of 3D lotto that automatically explores all probable combinations. In Rembolito bet there are two combinations through which the player wins instantly.

    • Rembolito 3 – In 3D Lotto’s Rembolito 3 bet type to win, a combination of 2 matching numbers & one unique number is selected. eg; 123
    • Rembolito 6 – In Rembolito 6 all three unique numbers are selected. eg; 122

Swertres 3D Lotto Prize Payout Structure

3D Lotto Numbers to Match Prize Tier Prize (Pesos) Odds
Standard Play (3 numbers in the exact order) JACKPOT  ₱4,500 1 in 1,000
Rambolito 3-Way Second prize  ₱1,500 1 in 333
Rambolito 6-Way Third prize  ₱1,500 1 in 167

PCSO Lotto games tax information

Tax on Non-Resident Citizens

A final withholding tax of Fifteen Percent (15%) is imposed on all non-resident Filipinos winnings from the lotto and other games administered by the PCSO.

Tax on Residents Citizens

A final withholding tax of Thirty-Five (35%) is imposed on Resident Filipino’s winnings from the lotto and other games administered by the PCSO.

Documentary Stamp Tax (DST)

DST is a 20% tax levied on Lotto tickets

Guidelines for claiming 3D Lotto

If you win PCSO Lotto prizes then the next step is to claim. PCSO Lotto prizes can be claimed as per the Prize size at different locations. First of all the winner wrote her/his name on the ticket & signs on the back of the ticket. After it attached Documents;

  • Two Valid IDs
  • Community Tax certificate

Claiming Process

According to the PCSO Lotto games prize size prizes are claimed at different locations in the Philippines.

Prizes Locations
Jackpot Prizes Claim at PCSO main office at PICC Secretariat Bldg, CCP Complex, 1307 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Worth up to ₱20 to up to ₱5,000 prizes Claim at any authorized outlet of PCSO Lotto (OR)
PCSO Provincial District Offices in your area
Worth more than P5,000 up to P200,000 Claim at PCSO main office of Pasay City (OR)
PCSO Provincial District Offices in your area

Suggestions for bettors to play PCSO Lotto games

While playing the PCSO Lotto games bettors must follow these suggestion that is given here.

PCSO does not allow under-18 age bettors to play the Lotto games so bettor must be 18 or more.

Keep your tickets safe because PCSO does not accept tampered or torn tickets.

PCSO Lotto games can be played at retailers & as well as Online on gadgets.

When you are buying the ticket then check the accuracy of the printed ticket like bet type, the bet amount is correct.

PCSO Top stories & announcements about Lotto games

11 November 2023 A 46-year-old lucky winner from Cavite won the P147,354,716.40 prize in 6/49 lotto game. Now he can give a good life and a dream house to his family. Because his priority is his family that’s why he will build a house in his province for his family.

November 09, 2023 – In the Philippines a twenty-four-year-old lady won a prize of P42.9 million in a Lotto game. She played the Lotto game with her mother behalf. Now her mother said to the Filipino she fulfilled her dream. She has a plan for saving.

For any Contact PCSO Office address details

PCSO Main Office Address
PICC Secretariat Bldg, CCP Complex, 1307 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines.
PCSO Main Office Contact Numbers
02-846-8895, 02-846-8894, 02-847-8741

PCSO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long time to claim the PCSO Lotto Prize?

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office lets 365 days for the winners to claim the PCSO Lotto jackpots.

What are the age requirements to play PCSO Lotto games?

To play the PCSO Lotto game bettor’s legal age is 18 years.

Does any winner stay unknown if they win the lotto game?

Yes, Luckily, the PCSO Lotto winners can remain confidential if they any of the PCSO Lotto games.

What is the claiming process for PCSO Lotto Winnings?

When you win first of all you should have to double-check your ticket numbers and sign at the back of the ticket. The next step is the claim & claiming locations are different as per Prize size.

Can foreigners play the PCOS Lotto games?

Yes PCSO Lotto lovers can play Philippines Lotto games from their hometowns without any traveling to the Philippines & any pain.

Can I play Lotto Online in the Philippines?

Yes, to date you can play the online lotto in the Philippines on your mobile device but it is probably not in the future may not because approval has been sought for a bill to restrict online lotto betting in the Philippines.

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