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Singapore Pools Live Draw Results – SGP 4D, 6D TOTO, & Sweep Winning Numbers

Singapore Pools Live Draw Results

Singapore Pools Live Draw Results - SGP 4D, 6d TOTO, & Sweep Winning Numbers

Singapore TOTO Results – Today Live Draw SGP

Singapore TOTO Results
Tuesday, 07 December 2023  Draw No. 3928
Winning Numbers  Additional Number
10 16 25 29 42 44 48
Group 1 Prize

Singapore 4D Results – Today Live Draw SGP

Singapore 4D Results
Sunday, 10 December 2023
 Draw No. 5103
1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize

Singapore Sweep Results – Today Live Draw SGP

Singapore Sweep Results 
Wednesday, 06 December, 2023 
Draw No. 1061
1st Prize @ $2,300,000
2nd Prize @ $500,000
3rd Prize @ $250,000
10 Jackpot Prizes @ $10,000 each
1118879 1398681 1452177 1915337 2139367
2791964 2873995 3480649 3840273 4337468

Singapore Pools 

In the 1960s illegal gambling was at the top so to stop the illegal activities Singapore Pools was presented. Singapore Pools is a legalized form of gambling. It was established on May 23, 1968, to combat illegal gambling in Singapore. It was a legitimate way for Singaporeans to participate in lotteries and thwart illegal betting syndicates. Singapore Pools is Singapore’s state-owned legal Lottery company.

Singapore Pools is a certified body under the World Lottery Association (WLA). As of May 1st, 2004, ownership of Singapore Pools was transferred to Tote Board, a statutory board operating under the Ministry of Finance. Since then Singapore Pools has been owned by the Tote Board.

Tote board allows the Singapore Pools to present gambling for Sports (football, & motor racing) and Lotteries (4D, TOTO, & Sweep). Singapore Pools Live Draw Results for Lotteries are broadcast on different days.

Singapore Pools Sports

  • Horse Racing
  • Motor Racing

Singapore Pools Lottery Games

When Singapore Pools was allowed gambling for lotteries, Since then Singapore Pools has been running the world-famous lottery games. Singapore Pools Lotteries are not popular in the boundaries of Singapore. But Singapore Pools Lotteries are the national favorite lottery too.

In Singapore, a whopping 58% of residents indulge in SG Lottery Game once a year. Singapore Pools Lotteries are;

  • 4D
  • TOTO 6D
  • Sweep(Raffle-style Lottery)

Overview of SG 4D Lottery

It is widely believed that 4-D roots related to Kedah since 1951. Singapore 4D Lotto is the longest-running lottery in Singapore and is a very famous Lottery of Singapore Pools. 4D Lottery game is not only played in Singapore, but also in Malaysia, and Germany. Singapore Pools live draw Results for SG 4D are broadcast every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6:30 p.m. according to Singapore Time.

In April 1993, the 4D game was tied to the Singapore Sweep draw. It means SGP 4D’s last four Winning Numbers were also drawn for the Singapore Sweep. 4D Lotto gave three prize categories to players. On June 16, 2005, Singapore Pools introduced IBet. Ibet is a method for wagering on all combinations of four-digit numbers.

Overview of Singapore TOTO 6D Lottery

Singapore TOTO 6D Lottery was initiated in 1968. After SG 4D Singapore TOTO second most popular Lottery in Singapore. After the initiation of TOTO, 6D TOTO captured many people’s attention. In 6D TOTO some undergone was done that make this game popular not only in Singapore but also all around the World. Singapore Pools live draw Results for TOTO 6D are conducted every Monday & Thursday at 6:30 PM (SGT).

Originally TOTO game format was 5/49. After that many changes were made but in October 2014 TOTO game format changed to 5/49 Again today still applies.

Overview of Singapore Sweep Lottery

Singapore Sweep was initiated as a Big Sweep game. To initiate the Sweep Lottery Singapore Pools’ purpose was to gain funds for the construction of our first National Stadium. In Singapore Pools this purpose was fulfilled in 1986. Because in this year $45 million was given by Singapore Pools for the construction of the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

In 1993 it was decided that the Singapore Pools live draw Results for the SGP Sweep lottery would consist of the last four Winning Numbers of the 4D Lotto Draw as it still is today. Singapore Sweep Game’s first progressive prize is $2.3 million. Until 2018 Sweep Lotto tickets were sold pre-printed and it was Traditional way. But in 2018 Sweep tickets were replaced with on-demand ticket printing which is available on Singapore Pools outlets.

FAQs regarding Singapore Pools

What is Singapore Pools?

Singapore Pools is responsible for providing safe and trusted betting for Singapore games, sports, and lotteries. And it’s worth noting that Singapore Pools is entirely owned by the Tote Board.

What is a Singapore Pools Account?

Singapore Pools Account provides access to the official online betting service for Lottery, Sports, and Horse Racing.

How many Lottery does Singapore Pools have?

Singapore Pools is running three lotteries in Singapore. Singapore TOTO, SG 4D, & Sweep all of these lotteries are famous not only in Singapore but also outside the border of Singapore.

What time are the Singapore Pools Live Draw Results?

Singapore Pools live draw Results are telecast at 6:30 pm (SG time). But all lottery drawing days are different. SG 4D lottery drawings are conducted Every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday. TOTO 6D drawing takes place on Monday & Thursday. And Singapore Sweep live draw is held on 1st Wednesday of each month.

Where can I collect my prize in Singapore Pools?

If the Singapore Pools winning amount is up to $5,000, then visit any Singapore Pools branch to collect the cash. If the winning amount exceeds $5,000, then visit the Singapore Pools Main Branch located at 210 Middle Road for claiming.

How long to collect winnings from Singapore Pools?

Singapore Pools Prizes must be claimed within 180 days from the draw or event conclusion.

How to Play SG 4D in Singapore?

Pick up the 23 four-digit numbers from the sequence of 0000 to 9999. If any of the digits match with the chosen 23 numbers, you will win.

How many kinds of betting of Singapore 4D have?

Here are the following Sg 4D kinds of bets to win the game. Large Wager, Small Wager, Ordinary, System Entry, IBet, 4D Roll, and Quick Pick.

Can foreigners partake in the Singapore 4D?

Yes, there is not any restriction for foreigners to play the Singapore Pools 4D Lottery game.

How to Play SGP TOTO Lottery?

To play TOTO 6D Lottery designate at least six numbers between 1 to 49. For winning TOTO a minimum of three matching numbers are required.

What are the age requirements to play the SG TOTO?

To play the TOTO Lottery the bettors’ legal age must be 21. It does not matter whether the bettor lives in Singapore or outside Singapore.

Is lottery winning taxable in Singapore?

No, and not at all it is good news for the Singapore players that winning is free in Singapore.

How to Play SGP Sweep Lottery?

Playing Singapore Sweep is very easy. Just pick a 7-digit number between 1000000 and 4499999. If the ticket number matches any of the two-digit 9 winning numbers drawn, you win SG $6. On the other hand, if the ticket number matches one of the 133 drawn seven-digit winning numbers, then win a prize ranging from $1,000 to $2.3 million.

Can foreigners partake in the Singapore 4D?

No, there is a restriction for foreigners to play the Singapore Pools Sweep Lottery game. Because SGP Sweep is available on Singapore Pools outlets.

When does the Singapore Sweep Draw take place?

SGP Sweep Lotto Draws fall on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM (SGT).

Singapore Pools Contact Details

Singapore Pools Head Office Address

210 Middle Road, #01-01, Singapore Pools Building, Singapore 188994

Singapore Pools Service Hours

 Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, excluding Public Holidays

Customer Service

 65 67866688 (24/7)