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EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024 – PCSO 2D Lotto

EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024 – PCSO 2D Lotto Result Today

EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024 & Winning Numbers – Find here, the recent and latest live draw results for 2D lotto / EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024, & winning numbers released from PCSO.

2PM: 04-09

5PM: 05-11

9PM: 17-12

PCSO EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024 Winning Numbers 

This table mentions today’s summary of EZ2 draws results published by PCSO.

EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024 – PCSO 2D Lotto

EZ2 Result Today & Winning Numbers
Draw Timing Result Winners
02:00 PM 04-09 TBA
05:00 PM 05-11 TBA
09:00 PM 17-12 TBA

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office officially conducts live draws of 2D / PCSO EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024, for Monday, at 2:00 P.M, 5:00 P.M, and 9:00 P.M. EZ2 lotto is commonly known as 2D lotto in the Philippines. PCSO authorities announce EZ2 lotto results through their official PTV4 YouTube channel (PCSO Gov) and Facebook page.

EZ2 (2D) lotto Results Today, Yesterday, and Past History

Check here in the below table, EZ2 result for Today Jul 01 2024, Yesterday, and the Past seven days’ 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM winning numbers.

Date Lottery Name 02PM 05PM 09PM
Jul 01 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 04-09   05-11 17-12 
Jun 30 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 21-13 02-10  18-15 
Jun 29 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 23-19   21-03 21-25 
Jun 28 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 27-22   23-04 12-07 
Jun 27 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 19-02 14-03   06-26
Jun 26 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 15-10   27-10  23-11
Jun 25 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 24-19  19-26 12-19 
Jun 24 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 17-06 25-10  26-10 
Jun 23 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto  11-29  27-27  07-20
Jun 22 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto  09-13 07-23  20-06 
Jun 21 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 08-29   29-16 13-21 
Jun 20 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 30-09  20-24  18-24 
Jun 19 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 27-24 20-27 17-19
Jun 18 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 03-24  14-15  05-02 
Jun 17 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto  29-31 24-09  10-01 
Jun 16 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 26-09  15-29 14-26 
Jun 15 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 12-09  23-12   15-18
Jun 14 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 29-01 11-28 10-27
Jun 13 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 06-16  27-18  03-14 
Jun 12 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 17-22  26-04 08-31 
Jun 11 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 13-21 11-20  14-20 
Jun 10 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 03-29 27-20  12-29 
Jun 09 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 12-04 13-20  21-15 
Jun 08 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 23-15 01-16  28-09 
Jun 07 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 30-03  19-29  16-24
Jun 06 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 23-08  18-20  30-05 
Jun 05 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 29-19 01-28  11-04 
Jun 04 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 22-20   29-29 08-12 
Jun 03 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto  24-07 23-20  15-29 
Jun 02 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto 13-09  19-20 02-13 
Jun 01 2024 EZ2 2D Lotto  10-21  23-15 30-09 

Here you can view the EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024 for 2:00 P.M, 5:00 P.M 9:00 P.M., And also view the recent & previous updates of the PCSO lotto from the EZ2 Result yesterday & EZ2 Results History.

What is the schedule for the EZ2 Lotto (2D) drawings?

EZ2 lotto drawings are held thrice times daily (Monday to Sunday). Morning drawing is released at 2:00 P.M., Afternoon Drawing at 5:00 P.M., and Night Drawing at 9:00 P.M. Daily Drawing is televised live over PTV4.

Announcements are made by the PCSO lotto for vacation in case of any emergencies, national holidays, and other special events.

Days 2 PM 5 PM 9 PM
Monday yes yes yes
Tuesday yes yes yes
Wednesday yes yes yes
Thursday yes yes yes
Friday yes yes yes
Saturday yes yes yes
Sunday yes yes yes

What is the history of EZ2 (2D) Lotto?

The PCSO Lottery Draw is a Philippine television game show. Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Organized many games. The Philippines introduced its Lotteries in 1833. The PCSO launched its very first online lottery in the Philippines known as Lotto.

Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) introduced the EZ2 (2D) lotto game. On 5 July 2004, 2D Lotto was launched as EZ2 Lotto. When the EZ2 lotto was started as a daily lottery just available in the Luzon region.

Progressively, The reputation of EZ2 Lotto rose with time. In the future 2D lotto was expanded to Visayas and Mindanao in 2006. 2D lotto is one of the most popular digit games in the Philippines. The EZ2 game is probably the easiest possible lottery. Because the game uses two chambered machines.

Alternatively, the EZ2 lotto is also known as the 2D lotto. So, the 2D lotto results are the same as EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024.

What is the EZ2 Lotto Commission?

On March 1935, “Act 4130” was approved by the President of the Philippines “Manuel L. Quezon”. In this law, the new organization was permitted to acquire a minimum amount of loan (for organizing the office) from the National Treasury. It was passed by the Philippine Legislature on October 31, 1934.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has since remained to be a vital charity arm of the government.

The PCSO panel of judges is to ensure that everything is fair and nothing is concealed. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) released the EZ2 Results Today 01 Jul 2024, and is also liable for other PCSO lotto results. Other Lotto results include; Sweaters Result Today4D Lotto6D Lotto6-42 lotto6-45 Lotto, 6-49 Lotto6-55 Lottoand 6-58 Lotto

How to Play EZ2

EZ2 is celebrated for its straightforward gameplay, making it accessible to players of all levels. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

  1. Select Your Numbers: Choose two numbers from 1 to 31, forming a unique two-digit combination. Players can select their preferred numbers or opt for the “Lucky Pick” feature, allowing the system to randomly generate a combination.
  2. Determine Your Play Type: Decide on the play type, which dictates the conditions for winning:
    • Straight Play: The selected numbers must match the winning numbers in the exact order.
    • Rambolito Play: The chosen numbers can match the winning combination in any order, providing more chances to win.
  3. Place Your Bet: Choose the amount you wish to bet, ranging from a minimum to a maximum bet. The potential winnings depend on the bet amount and the play type selected.
  4. Secure Your Ticket: Purchase an EZ2 ticket from authorized outlets, ensuring that the selected numbers, play type, and bet amount are accurately reflected on the ticket.

EZ2 Result Today: Reflecting on the Winning Numbers

The anticipation builds as players eagerly check the EZ2 Result Today. The draw occurs three times a day, providing ample opportunities for participants to test their luck. The draw times are typically at 02:00 PM, 05:00 PM, and 9:00 PM.

To check the EZ2 Result Today, players can visit authorized outlets, official lottery websites, or follow official social media channels. The winning numbers are usually posted shortly after the draw, allowing participants to promptly discover the outcome of their bets.

How to Claim Your EZ2 Prize

Claiming an EZ2 prize is a straightforward process designed to ensure winners enjoy their rewards hassle-free. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to claim your prize:

  1. Validate Your Ticket: Verify that your EZ2 ticket matches the winning numbers and play type announced in the EZ2 Result Today.
  2. Keep Your Ticket Secure: Safeguard your winning ticket, as it is a crucial document for the prize claim process. Ensure it remains in good condition and free from any alterations.
  3. Visit an Authorized Outlet: Prize claims can be made at authorized EZ2 outlets and PCSO (Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office) branches. Locate the nearest outlet or branch for convenient prize redemption.
  4. Complete a Prize Claim Form: Once at the outlet or PCSO branch, fill out the necessary forms for prize claims. Provide accurate information, including your name, address, and contact details.
  5. Present Valid ID: Bring a valid ID with a photo for identity verification. Accepted IDs include a passport, driver’s license, or any government-issued ID.
  6. Collect Your Prize: Once all requirements are met, winners can collect their EZ2 prize. Prizes vary based on the play type and the amount of the bet.

EZ2 Game Prize Details

Understanding the EZ2 prize details is crucial for players aiming to maximize their winnings. The prize structure is influenced by factors such as the play type, the accuracy of the prediction, and the bet amount. Here’s a breakdown of the EZ2 game prize details:

  1. Straight Play:
    • In a Straight Play, where the chosen numbers must match the winning numbers in exact order, the prize is higher compared to Rambolito.
    • The Straight Play offers substantial rewards for players who accurately predict the exact order of the winning numbers.
  2. Rambolito Play:
    • Rambolito allows for more flexible winning conditions, enabling players to match the winning combination in any order.
    • While the prize for Rambolito is lower than that of a Straight Play, it offers increased chances of winning due to its more lenient conditions.
  3. Minimum Bet vs. Maximum Bet:
    • The amount wagered by the player (minimum or maximum bet) influences the potential prize. A higher bet results in a more substantial prize, allowing players to tailor their bets based on their preferences.

Lotto Gaming Protocol

EZ2, like other lottery games, adheres to a gaming protocol established by the PCSO to ensure fairness, transparency, and the integrity of the game. Here are key aspects of the lotto gaming protocol:

  1. Random Number Generation: The winning numbers are drawn using a randomized process, guaranteeing that the outcome is solely based on chance. A draw machine and witnesses ensure the randomness of the draw.
  2. Security Measures: Strict security measures are implemented by the PCSO to protect the integrity of the game. Surveillance, secure transportation of draw equipment, and the presence of security personnel during draws contribute to a secure gaming environment.
  3. Public Accessibility: EZ2 draws are open to the public, allowing witnesses to attest to the fairness of the proceedings. The draws are often live-streamed, providing transparency and accessibility to a wider audience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I play EZ2 online?
    • Currently, EZ2 and other PCSO games are primarily available for purchase through authorized outlets. While online platforms may provide information on results, they are typically not authorized for ticket purchases.
  2. What happens if I lose my winning ticket?
    • Safeguarding your ticket is crucial for claiming your prize. If lost, it may be challenging to prove your win. Keep your ticket in a secure place, and consider taking a photo of it for added security.
  3. Is EZ2 open to players of all ages?
    • No, participants must be at least 18 years old to engage in EZ2 and other PCSO games.
  4. How often are draws held?
    • EZ2 draws occur three times a day, at 11:00 AM, 4:00 PM, and 9:00 PM.
  5. Can I claim my prize on the same day as the draw?
    • Yes, winners can claim their prizes on the same day as the draw, provided all requirements are met.


EZ2, with its uncomplicated yet engaging gameplay, continues to be a favorite among lottery enthusiasts in the Philippines. From eagerly checking the EZ2 Result Today to understanding the nuances of the game, players can immerse themselves in the excitement of this chance-based pursuit. By following the guidelines on how to play, claim prizes, and exploring the game’s intricacies, participants can enhance their EZ2 experience and potentially turn their lucky numbers into life-changing prizes.

Reference:- Please use the official site for the confirmation of EZ2 Result Jul 01 2024 – PCSO 2D Lotto winning numbers and payouts.