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Today’s How Many COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii US

Today’s June 05, 2020  – Find stats of how many COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii, USA are confirmed. Total confirmed Coronavirus COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii, USA is 609, and total deaths 16.  The total number of recovered Coronavirus COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii, USA are 493 and active cases 88. Keep visiting this blog for live tracking of how many COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii, USA daily.  According to the latest statistics, COVID-19 has spread to more than 210 countries and territories globally

The first coronavirus case in Hawaii was reported on March 06, 2020, and the first death reported on 01 April 2020 due to coronavirus. Hawaii is the main populous State of US. Hawaii has estimated a population of 1.416M and the area is 28,311 km². Hawaii is a historical, cultural, economical, and industrial hub of USA. Coronavirus is spreading speedily in Hawaii and the main cities of Hawaii are being affected with this novel COVID-19. Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii State of USA. Honolulu city has the highest number of coronavirus cases in Hawaii and is the most affected city in Hawaii. The main city / town / county of Hawaii have been affected with coronavirus are

COVID-19 cases by island:

  • O’ahu: 396, including 11 deaths
  • Maui: 113, including five deaths
  • Hawai’i: 70
  • Kauai: 21
  • Molokai: 2
  • Unknown or Hawaii residents diagnosed out-of-state: 7

> America – Highest Number of Coronavirus Cases in The World

Total Confirmed Cases Total Deaths Total Recovered Total Active
609 16 493 88

June 05, 2020 Today’s How Many COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii US:

Track Live statistics and today’s new COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii US:

Total Active New Cases New Death New Recovered
+88 +2 +9 +0

Hawaii Coronavirus Updates by City / Town / County

Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths
Honolulu 396 354 11
Maui 115 80 5
Hawaii 70 51 0
Kauai 21 20 0
Kalawao 0

Daily How Many COVID 19 Cases in Hawaii US

April 28, 2020, Tuesday

Coronavirus Cases in Hawaii US

  • Total cases: 609 (2 newly reported)
  • Hawai’i County: 70
  • Honolulu County: 396
  • Kaua’i County: 21
  • Maui County: 115‡
  • Pending: 0
  • Required Hospitalization: 69
  • Hawaii deaths: 16
  • Released from Isolation: 505

April 24, 2020, Friday

423 New Cases and 9 New Deaths in Hawaii US

April 23, 2020, Thursday

125 Active Cases, Total Cases, Total Deaths in Hawaii US

April 22, 2020, Wednesday

136 Active Cases and 416 New Cases in Hawaii US

April 21, 2020, Tuesday

412 New Cases and 8 New Deaths in Hawaii US

April 19, 2020, Sunday

414 New Cases and 7 New Deaths in Hawaii US

April 18, 2020, Saturday

404 New Case and 6 Death in Hawaii US

April 17, 2020, Friday

389 New Cases and 6 New Deaths in Hawaii US

April 16, 2020, Thursday

380 New Cases and 6 New Deaths in Hawaii US

April 15, 2020, Wednesday

Today New cases 364 and 6 deaths in Hawaii US

Coronavirus Covid 19 Number Of Cases In United States of America (USA)

Countries With Highest Number of Coronavirus Cases Worldwide:

Novel Coronavirus COVID 19 is present globally in more than 210 countries and territories. Coronavirus has started from china in December 2019 and rapidly reached all over the world. In a few months, COVID 19 has become a major threat and alarm for the world and humanity. List of Major countries affected with coronavirus is given below

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