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Today’s How Many COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey US

Today’s June 08, 2020  – Find stats of how many COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey, USA are confirmed. Total confirmed Coronavirus COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey, USA is 165,675, and total deaths 12,146.  The total number of recovered Coronavirus COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey, USA are 25,251 and active cases 128,278. Keep visiting this blog for live tracking of how many COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey, USA daily.  According to the latest statistics, COVID-19 has spread to more than 210 countries and territories globally

The first coronavirus case in New Jersey was reported on March 04, 2020, and the first death reported on 10 March 2020 due to coronavirus. New Jersey is the main populous State of US. New Jersey has estimated a population of 8.882M and the area is 8,722.58 sq mi (22,591.38 km2). New Jersey is a historical, cultural, economical, and industrial hub of USA. Coronavirus is spreading speedily in New Jersey and the main cities of New Jersey are being affected with this novel COVID-19. Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey State of USA. Trenton city has the highest number of coronavirus cases in New Jersey and is the most affected city in New Jersey. The main city / town / county of New Jersey have been affected with coronavirus are

  • 16,282  Bergen
  • 15,881  Hudson
  • 14,621  Essex
  • 13,496  Passaic
  • 13,357  Union
  • 12,768  Middlesex
  • 6,974  Ocean
  • 6,378  Monmouth
  • 5,549  Morris
  • 4,594  Mercer
  • 4,073  Camden
  • 3,753  Somerset
  • 3,100  Burlington
  • 1,433  Gloucester
  • 1,135  Atlantic
  • 979  Sussex
  • 977  Warren
  • 940  Cumberland
  • 665  Hunterdon
  • 355  Cape May
  • 312  Salem

> America – Highest Number of Coronavirus Cases in The World

Total Confirmed Cases Total Deaths Total Recovered Total Active
165,675 12,146 25,251 128,278

June 08, 2020 Today’s How Many COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey US:

Track Live statistics and today’s new COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey US:

Total Active New Cases New Death New Recovered
+128,278 +513 +64

New Jersey Coronavirus Updates by City / Town / County



Daily How Many COVID 19 Cases in New Jersey US


June 01, 2020, Monday

Murphy announced stage two of reopening on June 15th. Outdoor dining and limited in-person retail will reopen on June 15th, hair salons and barber shops will reopen on June 22nd, and youth summer programs will reopen on July 6th. NJ is currently phasing in of reopening in-person clinical research/labs, limited fitness/gyms, limited in-person government services, and museums/libraries

May 29, 2020, Friday

Murphy announced that the Covid-19 short term rental assistance program will provide at least $100 million in housing relief for families in need.

May 26, 2020, Tuesday

New Jersey US, Governor Murphy allowed graduation ceremonies to be held outdoors beginning July 6th. The ceremonies should still comply with social distancing guidelines. Professional sports teams can return to training or even competition if their leagues wish to.

May 20, 2020, Wednesday

New Jersey US the administration had lowered the number of corona-related deaths reported in nursing homes from 5,700 on May 18 to 4,295. The reduction was achieved by excluding the deaths of persons who did not have a confirmed COVID laboratory test prior to death

May 18, 2020, Monday

Governor Murphy unveiled a three stage reopening strategy. New Jersey US is currently on stage 1 of reopening. A gym in Bellmawr reopened and the owner was later ticketed in violation of the state’s coronavirus restrictions. The next day the gym owner was issued more tickets and a customer was arrested

May 14, 2020, Thursday

Hudson County surpassed Bergen for the most coronavirus cases in New Jersey US with over 17,134 cases while Bergen has 17,080.

May 09, 2020, Saturday

Today’s Novel Corona-virus 1,819 New Cases and +151 New Deaths in New Jersey US

May 04, 2020, Monday

New Jersey US Governor Murphy indicated that all schools, public and private, would remain closed for the remainder of the academic year.

April 30, 2020, Thursday

New Jersey US officials reported 118,652 total cases of the coronavirus and 7,228 deaths

April 29, 2020 Wednesday

state officials reported 116,264 total cases of the coronavirus and 6,770 deaths. More than 216,000 New Jersey US residents had been tested for the coronavirus, and 42% had tested positive. As of the 28th, 6,289 people were hospitalized in the state for the virus. The racial breakdown of deaths was: 52.3% White, 20.1% Black, 16.9% Hispanic, 5.1% Asian, and 5.5% Other

April 23, 2020, Saturday

New Jersey US had 99,989 total cases of the coronavirus and 5,368 deaths. As of the 22nd, there were 7,240 coronavirus patients at the state’s 71 hospitals. This included 1,990 patients who were in critical or intensive care and 1,462 who were on ventilators. At the time, the peak in hospitalizations was 8,293 on April 14. Of the deaths in New Jersey, the breakdown by race was: 53.6% White, 20% Black, 16% Hispanic, 5.4% Asian, and 5% Other.

April 22, 2020, Friday

New Jersey US reported 95,865 total cases of the coronavirus and 5,063 deaths

April 21, 2020, Thursday

New Jersey US reported 92,387 total cases of the coronavirus and 4,753 deaths

April 20, 2020, Wednesday

Officials reported 88,806 total cases of the coronavirus in New Jersey US with 4,377 deaths. Residents of long-term care facilities accounted for 10,744 cases and 1,779 deaths.

April 19, 2020, Tuesday

State officials announced that there were 85,301 total cases of the coronavirus in New Jersey US and 4,202 deaths. There were 7,495 patients hospitalized for coronavirus or suspected of having the virus in New Jersey as of the 18th. Of those hospitalized, 1,940 were in critical or intensive care, and 1,628 were on ventilators.

April 18, 2020, Monday

New Jersey US had 81,420 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 4,070 deaths. Among U.S. states, only New York had more cases and deaths. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said, “This is a pandemic the likes of which we haven’t seen in a century.” He noted that the state’s 4,070 deaths from COVID-19 over the previous six weeks was more than those “lost in past three flu seasons in their entirety combined.”

April 17, 2020, Sunday

New Jersey US had 78,467 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including 3,840 deaths. Of the deaths, the breakdown by race was: 50.3% White, 22.3% Black, 16.6% Hispanic, 5.4% Asian, and 5.4% Other. A total of 9,094 cases, including 1,530 deaths, had been reported in the state’s 384 longterm care facilities

April 16, 2020, Saturday

State officials reported that there were 75,317 total cases of the coronavirus and 3,518 deaths in New Jersey US.

April 15, 2020, Friday

New Jersey US had 71,030 total cases of the coronavirus, and the death toll was 3,156.

April 13, 2020, Wednesday

Today’s Novel Corona-virus +817 New Cases and +194 New Deaths in New Jersey US


April 12, 2020, Tuesday

There are 140,206 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of New Jersey US. This makes New Jersey second in the list of states for the most U.S. coronavirus cases, after New York

Coronavirus Covid 19 Number Of Cases In United States of America (USA)

Countries With Highest Number of Coronavirus Cases Worldwide:

Novel Coronavirus COVID 19 is present globally in more than 210 countries and territories. Coronavirus has started from china in December 2019 and rapidly reached all over the world. In a few months, COVID 19 has become a major threat and alarm for the world and humanity. List of Major countries affected with coronavirus is given below

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