EZ2 Result Summary, Today Oct 11, Yesterday, History & Hearing

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EZ2 Result Summary, Today Oct 11, Yesterday, History & Hearing

This website has summarized EZ2 Result Summary Today, EZ2 Result Yesterday, EZ2 Hearing, and EZ2 History. EZ2 PCSO EZ2 Result has been announced thrice a day at 02 AM, 05 PM, and 9 PM. EZ2 Result Summary contains Morning, Midday (02AM), Afternoon (05PM), and Evening (9PM) draw made on the defined date.


Below are the prizes of EZ2 Results Today:

Standard Play (getting (Two (2) numbers drawn in exact order) = Php 4,000.00

Rambolito = Php 2,000.00

PCSO EZ2 Results Today Oct 11, 2020

EZ2 Result Today Oct 11, 2020, will be updated here soon. Get all of this game ez2 results will be shown on this website. You can also get LIVE results of this game thrice a day at 02 am, 05 pm, and 9 pm. The initial prize for this game is Php 4000. This game is very easy to play, and you can easily play it every day and win many prizes. There is no specific amount that you can bet on this game.

2pm: 01-20

5pm: 03-31

9PM: 13-02

(In Exact Order)

PCSO EZ2 Results Yesterday Oct 10, 2020, 02PM 05PM 9PM

Welcome to the PCSO EZ2 Results Yesterday Oct 10, 2020. Check the EZ2 Lotto Result yesterday daily at 02 am, 05 pm, and 9 pm according to the latest draw with a jackpot prize of PHP 4,000.00. EZ2 result daily held thrice a day. EZ2 Lotto draws are managed daily except during major or important holidays.

2pm: 01-26

5pm: 02-04

9PM: 17-26

PCSO EZ2 Results Hearing Today Oct 11, 2020

PCSO EZ2 Result Hearing Today game earlier mentioned to as EZ2 Lotto is a game led by PCSO from Monday to Sunday at 02 AM (morning), 05 PM (afternoon), and 9 PM (Evening). These frequently drawn numbers are also known as hot numbers. They are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn.

#1. EZ2 Hearing:
25 05
#2. EZ2 Hearing:
05 01
#3. EZ2 Hearing:
02 22

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PCSO EZ2 Lotto Results History

2D/EZ2 is one of the easiest games being offered by PCSO. The game is managed by the company (PCSO) daily at the above-stated time schedule. While the page is consistently refreshed to show the results at specified time-slots. Here we have shown you the quick EZ2 Result history in past days.

Every day a huge part of the people is taking chances by playing lotto games. The lotto games got financial jackpot prizes including the EZ2 Lotto. You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw!

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https://www.pcso.gov.ph/Games/Lotto/2D.aspx ( PCSO )

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