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CO Cash 5 Jan 15, 2023, Results & Winning Numbers

CO Cash 5 Jan 15, 2023, Results & Winning Numbers – Find in this Post CO Cash 5 lottery Results Jan 15, 2023, live draw results, latest winning Numbers, Jackpot Prizes, and Top Payouts for Today (Sunday) & the past 30 Days.

Date CO Cash 5 Numbers Top Payout
Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 $20,000

Colorado Cash 5 Yesterday’s Results 

Check here the Winning Numbers for Yesterday’s CO Cash 5 Lottery results for Jan 14, 2023.

Date CO Cash 5 Numbers Top Payout
Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 2-14-19-24-26 $20,000

What is the Cost of a Colorado Cash 5 Lottery Ticket?

Watch here Colorado Cash 5 lottery ticket costs that are $1. Pick a lucky number for any day of the week.

For the EZ match ticket price is $1.

What is the Next Draw Date & Time for Colorado Cash 5?

16 January 2023 (Monday) at 07:35 P.M., MT is the next draw date and time for CO Cash 5 lottery.

Colorado Cash 5 Lottery Past Winning Numbers CO Cash 5 Jan 15 2023 Results & Winning Numbers

Check here the Winning Numbers for Yesterday’s CO Cash 5 and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers
15 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5
14 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 2-14-19-24-26
13 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 5-10-14-15-26
12 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 1-5-8-9-11
11 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 13-14-24-27-28
10 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 1-12-19-20-29
09 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 2-11-14-18-25
08 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 2-6-15-20-26
07 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 12-17-18-19-22
06 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 4-6-10-19-22
05 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 7-12-14-26-30
04 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 17-19-20-29-30
03 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 3-12-18-23-29
02 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 1-2-5-7-11
01 Jan 2023  CO Cash 5 20-25-26-28-29
31 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 8-15-19-21-22
30 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 3-12-15-24-27
29 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 11-12-14-26-32
28 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 4-6-12-15-27
27 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 7-10-13-14-19
26 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 5-14-15-25-30
25 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 Holiday
24 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 6-11-14-24-29
23 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 14-22-23-31-32
22 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 3-16-20-29-30
21 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 19-25-26-30-32
20 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 3-6-12-18-26
19 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 3-9-24-25-26
18 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 10-22-28-31-32
17 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 7-11-19-27-31
16 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 1-9-15-21-22
05 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 1-10-15-23-31
04 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 3-12-19-24-32
03 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 10-15-19-29-31
02 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 1-16-17-29-32
01 Dec 2022  CO Cash 5 11-14-21-26-32

Note: We regularly update the above prescribed previous results history list and daily Colorado Cash 5 and Midday results.

Colorado Cash 5 Lottery Draw Time Schedule

CO Cash 5 Jan 15 2023 Live Draw

View here Colorado Cash 5 Lottery Live drawing timing & sales closing Time is 07:30 P.M. MT, (GMT-7:00 am) for a whole week.

Draw Days  CO Cash 5 Cut-off Time
Sunday  07:35 P.M. 07:30 P.M.
Monday 07:35 P.M. 07:30 P.M.
Tuesday 07:35 P.M. 07:30 P.M.
Wednesday 07:35 P.M. 07:30 P.M.
Thursday 07:35 P.M. 07:30 P.M.
Friday  07:35 P.M. 07:30 P.M.
Saturday 07:35 P.M. 07:30 P.M.
All times are Mountain Time of Colorado State

Top Story and News About Colorado Cash 5, Powerball

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October 05, 2022 – In California spend Christmas Watching the Denver Broncos – Enter any non-winning $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks tickets using your Lottery’s mobile app or enter via the website by inputting the 22-digit numbers under the Scratch-Off Coating of the lottery ticket for a chance to win a Denver Broncos Christmas Adventure.

October 03, 2022 – A winning Powerball lottery $50,000 ticket is purchased in April 2022, set to expire on Monday, October 17, 2022. A Powerball lottery ticket was purchased at Pilot #650, located at 1401, Ripley Street, Lake Station, April 18, 2022 drawing.

October 01, 2022 – The Powerball lottery estimated jackpot prize for Sunday’s draw 10/01/2022 was $322 Million. That was with a cash draw option of $170.8 Million. In Michigan, only twelve Powerball lottery tickets were sold and $200 was won by the players.

The POWERBALL  lottery jackpot prize was the second-largest prize in the USA’s lottery history.

September 26, 2022 – There was no winner for the big jackpot prize of $330 Millions on this night. But more than $300M in tickets were sold in New York state. This was the third largest sale of the Powerball lottery in NY state.

April 18, 2022 – This was amazing in the history of the Powerball lottery that a jackpot-winning ticket was sold in Clarkson city but nobody come to claim it. There are a few days left on the expiry date of the ticket.

For Further latest news, information, and top stories about the Colorado Cash 5, Powerball, and USA Lottery, Continue reading our page USA Lottery News.

What is the History of the Colorado Cash 5 Lottery?

Colorado State Lottery is run by the Government of Colorado State and established by Multi State Lottery Association MUSL. On January 24, 1983, Colorado State joined the State lottery the first drawing beginning on April 23, 1983. Colorado lottery to generate revenue for the State, approved by to voters’ Constitutional Amendment in 1992.

The cash 5 lottery game begins in Colorado State in 1996, its five-digit draw game matches all five numbers or wins the Top prizes of the CO Cash 5 lottery. Due to daily draws taking place Cash 5 is known as the Daily Cash 5 lottery game.

What is Colorado Lottery Commission?

Colorado Lottery Commission comprises five members appointed by the Governor with the approval of the Colorado Senate. The purpose of the Colorado Lottery Commission is to ensure that all games marketed by the Colorado Lottery are done with the security, protection, or integrity of the games and organization of the Colorado Lottery.

The Colorado Lottery Commission plays a vital role in the development of the Colorado Lottery. This Commission fulfilling its trustee duties with regard to all Lottery games operated by the Lottery.

CLC Commission is also responsible for live drawings of other Colorado State Lotteries that are mentioned below;

Colorado Powerball, Colorado Mega Millions, Colorado Pick 3 Midday, Colorado pick 3 Evening, Colorado Lotto, Colorado Lucky For Life,

View here CO Cash 5 and above mentioned Colorado state lotteries live drawing results, winning numbers, news, and payouts announced by the commission.

Where do the Colorado Cash 5 Lottery Sales Move?

Colorado Lottery ticket sales are distributed to prizes as well as conservation and recreation services, including funds for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

IN Other Colorado Funds programs is Great Outdoors, Colorado GOCO, with spillover funds going to the Buildings Excellent Schools Today BEST program, and the Conservation Trust Fund.
The Colorado Lottery allocates funds toward improving the state’s Infrastructure, and recreation facilities, and protecting wilderness.

Unclaimed prize money goes into the fund for our proceeds beneficiaries of Colorado State.

Reference: See for reference, how to claim the prize, play a jackpot prize game, and complaints www.irs.gov.

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People Also Ask About Colorado Cash 5 – FAQs

What was the Colorado CASH 5 FEATURES & PROCEDURE?

How to Play Colorado Cash 5 

Players pick five numbers from 1 to 32 from set one.

or generate a Quick pick for random numbers selected.

Colorado Cash 5 offers the EZ Match Options to win the instant prize of Cash 5.

Choose the Multi draw option to advance play.

You can play 91 draws (13-week draws) in the same play slip.

Check the winning number as the draw occurs.

Colorado Cash 5 Features

Play options are:

Quick Pick

EZ match

Advance Play

Multi draw

Colorado Cash 5 Draw/Live Broadcast

Colorado Cash 5 draws are held daily at 7:35 pm Mountain Time (GMT – 7:00) according to the local time of Colorado State Lottery US.

Colorado Cash 5 ticket sales close at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time.

Computer Random Numbers generator used for drawing.

Colorado Cash 5 Odds & Prizes

CO Cash 5 Odds & Prizes are:

Match Numbers Prizes in $ Odds of winning
5 of 5 $20,000 1 in 201,376
5 of 4 $200 1 in 1,492
5 of 3 $10 1 in 57
5 of 2 $1 1 in 7

EZ Match Odds & Prizes 

EZ match odds and prizes are:

Prizes in $ Odds of winning
$500 1 in 42,000
$250 1 in 42,000
$200 1 in 21,000
$50 1 in 2,800
$20 1 in 1,680
$15 1 in 840
$10 1 in 160
$5 1 in 105
$4 1 in 76
$3 1 in 17
$2 1 in 10

Claim Prizes of Colorado Cash 5

If you are the winner of the CO Cash 5 follow these options are:

You can redeem the prize within 180 days due to the draw date.

All lotteries winning are subject to both Federal tax and State tax.

Download the mobile lottery app to see winning numbers or lottery news alerts.

Option: ===> $599 or less 

Claim by a local authorized lottery retailer

Claim by Email to lottery headquarters

Option: 2 ===> $600 or more 

Claim by Colorado Lottery claim center

Claim by Email to lottery headquarters

Claim by Online.

Documents required for claiming process are:

Signed Colorado Cash 5 lottery tickets

Colorado Cash 5 prize claim form

Social Security card/Number

National ID with Pic

Keep a copy of all claim documents for your record.

Colorado Prizes Tax details

Colorado withholding lottery winning tax for the US Residents/Citizens is:

Winning State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
Over $5,000 4% 24% 28%

Colorado withholding lottery winning tax percentage for non-US residents/citizens are:

Winning State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
Over $5,000 4% 30% 34%

Colorado Contact Details

Lottery Headquarters

See here Lottery headquarters at 25 N Main Street, Pueblo, CO 81003 Colorado.

Phone # 719-546-2400

Lottery Offices Timing

Colorado Lottery Offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm according to the local time of Colorado State US.

The appointment should be a must before the visit.

Lottery Official websites

To connect to social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube for more live updates visit us.

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FAQ – All Questions/Answers here

How does the EZ Match feature work? 

If the player selects the EZ match option your play slip includes the five draws of the EZ match, if you match one or more numbers select Cash 5 with the EZ match option you win the prize.

What is the Top prize of cash 5?

The Top prize of the Cash 5 lottery game is a $20,000 match with all five winning numbers or wins this prize.

What are the Overall odds of winning in Cash 5?

The chances of any winning prize in the game are 1 in 6.2. EZ match winning is 1 in 5.22.

How do you need numbers to win Cash 5?

You can win a prize at least matching two numbers, if you added the EZ match option you can match Cash 5 numbers with the EZ match.

What is an EZ match?

EZ match is a $1 feature that allows you to win Cash Prize instantly.

How to Play Responsibly Colorado Cash 5?

If you want to play the Colorado Cash 5 lotteries follow these options are:

Be Cautions, be aware, and don’t be scammed.

Gambling is just like fun, not a way of making more money.

To play the lottery you must be 18 years or above according to the law of Colorado State.

You can buy lottery tickets before drawing for 5-10 minutes.

You can purchase lottery tickets at any authorized lottery retailer in Colorado State US.

You can purchase lottery tickets for the Advance play.

Internet gambling is not allowed in Colorado State.

Make sure to sign the backside of your lottery tickets.

Check your lottery tickets before leaving the lottery terminal to ensure you receive your order.

Check your lottery tickets retailer has not permitted to sell pre-printed lottery draw tickets.

Lottery tickets are not canceled after proceeding.

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Where Can I Watch CO Cash 5 & Powerball Live Drawings

Watch here Colorado Cash 5 Jan 14, 2023, the latest live drawing results and winning numbers for Colorado Numbers Evening in this Youtube video.

Furthermore, other Colorado lotteries and all USA Lottery live drawing results & Winning Numbers can be watched below-mentioned youtube channels.

  • https://www.youtube.com/@lotteryresults-winningnumbers
  • The Colorado lottery live draw is shown on WRAL 24/7 at 07:35 PM Eastern Time.
  • For northern Colorado, the Live draw is shown at 07:35 PM Eastern Time on WRAL.

Summary Of The Post: Find in the above-prescribed post Colorado Cash 5 Jan 15, 2023, Lottery payouts, live drawing results, winning numbers, news, rules, and draw timings. Colorado Cash 5 Lottery alternative names, history table, top stories, YouTube & TV Channels, and press releases are also discussed in this post.