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CT Play4 Night Jan 15, 2023, Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

CT Play4 Night Result Jan 15, 2023, & Winning Numbers Find in this post CT Play4 Night Draw Results for Jan 15, 2023, live drawing, top payouts, and updated winning numbers for today (Sunday) and the past 30 days.

Date  CT Play4 Night Numbers Wild Ball
Sunday, Jan 15, 2023

Connecticut Play4 Night Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here CT Play4 Night Lottery results and Winning Numbers for yesterday Jan 14, 2023. Find in the below table yesterday’s Connecticut Play4 Night results summary.

Date  CT Play4 Night Numbers Wild Ball
Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 3-2-6-4 5

How much price is Connecticut Play4 Night Lottery Ticket?

Watch here CT Play4 lottery ticket cost. The ticket cost is $0.50, or $5 per play. Pick a lucky number for any day of the week.

Straight/Box play-type tickets cost $1 to $5.

Combo play types are $2, $3, $4, $6, $12, or $24.

Wild Ball feature is double your wager.

What is the Next Draw Date & Time for Connecticut Play4 Night?

16 January 2023 (Monday) at 10:29 P.M., ET is the next draw date and time for the CT Play4 Night lottery.

CT Play4 Lottery is the next draw date and time. It’s the most famous and awesome lottery game in Connecticut State. CT Play4 Lottery draws are conducted twice a day (Day & Night).

Note: CT Play4 Lottery draws live stream at WCCT-TV Channel 20, the CW Hartford/New Haven Television Market.

CT Play4 Night Jan 15 2023 - Connecticut Live Draw

CT Play4 Night Lottery Past Winning Numbers

Check here the Winning Numbers for today’s CT Play4 Night Lottery and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers Wild Ball
15 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night 
14 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  3-2-6-4 5
13 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-5-2-0 4
12 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  9-4-4-6 6
11 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-9-6-3 3
10 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  3-5-2-1 0
09 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  8-8-7-7 0
08 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-2-0-4 3
07 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  5-9-9-9 7
06 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  1-5-1-1 9
05 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-0-3-7 5
04 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-3-5-6 8
03 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-1-1-1 7
02 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  8-9-4-7 3
01 Jan 2023  Connecticut Play4 Night  9-5-9-5 6
31 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  8-4-9-2 1
30 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  4-6-7-3 9
29 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  0-5-0-2 7
28 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  8-0-5-4 0
27 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  7-4-7-4 9
26 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  4-2-2-8 0
25 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  Holiday Holiday
24 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  0-6-5-7 4
23 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-3-0-1 4
22 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  8-7-8-7 1
21 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  8-3-0-2 9
20 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  8-9-9-5 7
19 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  6-0-2-3 3
18 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  1-3-6-7 6
17 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  1-8-1-5 4
16 Dec 2022  Connecticut Play4 Night  9-8-0-2 0

Note: We regularly update the above prescribed previous results history list and daily Connecticut Play4 Night & Day results. Check results, the number of winners, and important announcements CT Play4 Night Lottery.

CT Play4 Night Jan 15 2023 - Connecticut Lottery Results

CT Play4 Night Lottery Draw Time Schedule

View here CT Play4 Night Lottery Live drawing timing & sales closing Time is 10:20 P.M. ET, (GMT-5:00) for a whole week.

Draw Days  Play4 Night Draw Time Sales Stop
Sunday  10:29 P.M. 10:20 P.M
Monday 10:29 P.M. 10:20 P.M
Tuesday 10:29 P.M. 10:20 P.M
Wednesday 10:29 P.M. 10:20 P.M
Thursday 10:29 P.M. 10:20 P.M
Friday  10:29 P.M. 10:20 P.M
Saturday 10:29 P.M. 10:20 P.M
All times are in Connecticut Local Time. 

Top Story and News About CT Play4 Night, PowerBall

World’s largest Powerball Jackpot Prize

December 4, 2022 – In the North Carolina lottery, Brenda Gomez picked the numbers based on the child’s birth dates. She won $100,000, as the prize doubled when the 2X Power Play multiplier hit.

November 29, 2022 – The Powerball Jackpot has since increased, but no one hit the lotto winning numbers from Monday night’s 56,000,000 drawings. Powerball’s next Jackpot was moved to 65,000,000 for Wednesday night’s drawing.

November 27, 2022 – Powerball jackpot rolls up to 56,000,000, the (Cash Value of $29.1 million) for the next drawing in the multistate lottery game on Monday night.

November 22, 2022 – Powerball Jackpot prize leap to $30,000,000, on Wednesday night, for a single winner. The lump sum Cash payouts stand at $15.3 million up for grabs.

November 17, 2022 – Johson County residents claim a recently estimated jackpot prize of $5 million Hoosier Lotto and an estimated $1 million Jackpot prize of Powerball.

November 14, 2022 – Wallingford Powerball Winners group celebrates $50,000 Prize winning tickets.  Rich Dipietro of East Hartford has worked for APS Technologies in Wallingford for the past 22 years. During that time he also headed up a lottery pool that included a number of his fellow employees.

November 10, 2022 – Powerball winner of Dana Pniewski, Stratford residents play her father’s old Roulette numbers and win $50,000 on November 09, 2022.

October 03, 2022 – A winning Powerball lottery $50,000 ticket is purchased in April 2022, set to expire on Monday, October 17, 2022. A Powerball lottery ticket was purchased at Pilot #650, located at 1401, Ripley Street, Lake Station, April 18, 2022 drawing.

October 01, 2022 – The Powerball lottery estimated jackpot prize for Saturday’s draw 10/01/2022 was $322 Million. That was with a cash draw option of $170.8 Million. In Michigan, only twelve Powerball lottery tickets were sold and $200 was won by the players.

September 26, 2022 – There was no winner for the big jackpot prize of $330 Millions on this night. But more than $300M in tickets were sold in New York state. This was the third largest sale of the Powerball lottery in NY state.

April 18, 2022 – This was amazing in the history of the Powerball lottery that a jackpot-winning ticket was sold in Clarkson city but nobody come to claim it. There are a few days left on the expiry date of the ticket.

For Further latest news, information, and top stories about the CT Play4 Night Lottery, Mega Millions, and USA Lottery, Continue reading our page USA Lottery News.

What is the History of CT Play4 Night?

Connecticut Lottery Corporation is a Multi-State lottery, designated by the government of Connecticut State USA in 1971. The first CT Play4 Lottery tickets were sold in the State after one year on February 15, 1972. Connecticut lottery’s second name is CT Lottery in State. “Thomas Meskill ” signed Public Act 865.

Overall all $10.6 Billion raise for Connecticut since 1972. Connecticut lottery offers many lottery games, scratch cards games, and Jurisdictional lottery games. CT Play4 lottery is one of them with twice a day.

CT plays 4 lottery creation is a simple, easy play style. In 2008, as we know today two lottery games CT Play4 Day, and CT Play4 Night debuted with the old Lottery game called “DAILY NUMBERS”.

Have fun every day with the CT Play4 Lottery game Known as the 4-number lottery game. Connecticut Play4 Lottery is one of the most trusted lotteries due to its multifarious play features. In 2021, the Wild Ball option is introduced in CT Play4 Lottery.

The ultimate objective of Connecticut lotteries is to enhance the most elevated standard of pleasure, integrity, and efficiency in Connecticut State. CT Play4 Lottery is a widespread daily draw fun game. CT Play4 is a partiality lottery in Connecticut State with heights ranking of jackpot prizes.

Connecticut Play4 Night lottery alternative names are CT Pick 4, & 4-Digit lottery. Connecticut CT 4-Digit, & Pick4 Jan 15, 2023, lottery winning numbers are the same as lottery winning numbers and payouts.

What is Connecticut Lottery Commission?

The Connecticut Lottery was created by State legislation in 1971. like other lotteries it started as a State Agency, this agency became to replaced by the quasi-public corporation and the Connecticut Lottery Corp on July 1, 1996.

The CTLC Commission is responsible to operate the lottery operation and integrity of the State with high morale. Connecticut Lottery Commission says that:

We educate the public about healthy choices through the GameSense campaign“.

Connecticut Lottery Commission is also responsible for live drawings of other Connecticut State Lotteries that are mentioned below;

Connecticut Play 3, Connecticut Play4, Connecticut Powerball, Connecticut Mega Millions, Connecticut Lucky For Life, Connecticut Lotto.

View here CT Play4 Night Lottery and above mentioned Connecticut state lotteries live drawing results, winning numbers, news, and payouts announced by the commission.

Where Do the CT Play4 Night Lottery funds towards?

The Connecticut Lottery Corporation CTCL Commission was renowned in the State with committed to helping Connecticut to achieve revenue-raising objectives in the State of Connecticut.

Furthermore, CT Lotteries charged with the underage gambling problem by assuming assertive measures to execute in the State of Connecticut as well as supporting responsible gaming initiatives. The Lottery is regulated by Connecticut Lottery Corporation.

In Fiscal Year 2021, Players win more than an estimated $929 million in prize funds. At the same time, the CT Lottery returned $418 million to support various valuable services and programs.

These programs are fully funded by the State’s General Fund SGF 50%,  and other programs. The General Funds are appropriations by the State Legislature.

Here we mention below table the Lottery funds according to the 2021 Fiscal year.

General Funds Proceeding % GF Contributions
Jackpot Prizes 62% $228,654,999
Health & Human Services 30.3% $126,654,000
For State Funds 28% $120,654,000
Education 23.7% $99,233,200
Libraries & Debit Services 14.0% $58,520,000
Retired Employee Benefits  10.1% $42,385,200
Active Employee Benefits  6.3% $26,292,200
Other Government Services 6.0 % $24,912,800
Judicial & Corrections 6.0% $24,996,400
Transportation 3.6% $15,006,200
Lottery Retailers Commission 6% $24,996,400
Lottery Operating Expenses 4% $16,996,200

These sales are going to valuable services and programs funded by the State general funds including public health, public services, public education, and more programs.

Unclaimed prize money runs into the reserve for our proceeds beneficiaries of Connecticut State.

Reference: See for reference, how to claim the prize, play a jackpot prize game, and complaints www.irs.gov.

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