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Idaho Cash Lottery Results – Winning Numbers

Idaho Cash Lottery Draw Results Jan 15, 2023, & ID Winning Numbers – Find in this post-Idaho Cash Lottery Draw Results for Jan 15, 2023, live drawing, top payouts, and updated winning numbers for today (Sunday) and the past 30 days.

Date Idaho Cash Winning Numbers Top Prize
Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 8-10-15-26-36 $135,000

Idaho Cash Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here for Idaho Cash Lottery results and Winning Numbers for yesterday Jan 14, 2023. Find in the below table yesterday’s Idaho Cash Lottery results summary for the Evening.

Date Idaho Cash Winning Numbers Top Prize
Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 2-12-16-17-33 $133,200

Idaho Cash Lottery Live drawing Results

View here Idaho Cash Lottery Live drawing Results, prizes & Winning numbers at 08:00 P.M. MT, (GMT-7:00).

What is the Ticket Cost of an Idaho Cash Lottery?

Watch here ID CASH lottery ticket cost with Play Combinations is $1, for two per play.

What is the Next Draw Date & Time for Idaho Cash?

16 January 2023 (Monday) at 08:00 P.M. (GMT-7:00), MT Evening

Idaho Cash lottery is the next draw date and time. It’s the most favorite and outstanding lottery game in Idaho State. The Idaho Cash Lottery draw is executed in the Evening.

Idaho Cash Jan 15 2023 Results & Winning Numbers

Check here the Winning Numbers for today’s Idaho Cash Lottery and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers Jackpot
15 Jan 2023   ID Cash     8-10-15-26-36 $135,000
14 Jan 2023   ID Cash     2-12-16-17-33 $133,200
13 Jan 2023   ID Cash     21-23-24-27-37 $130,700
12 Jan 2023   ID Cash     7-24-37-40-44 $128,600
11 Jan 2023   ID Cash     8-23-24-30-38 $126,600
10 Jan 2023   ID Cash     7-15-25-36-42 $124,500
09 Jan 2023   ID Cash     2-17-20-22-42 $122,700
08 Jan 2023   ID Cash     3-11-35-36-40 $121,100
07 Jan 2023   ID Cash     8-9-24-28-35 $119,100
06 Jan 2023   ID Cash     7-12-34-38-45 $117,100
05 Jan 2023   ID Cash     11-38-41-42-43 $115,300 
04 Jan 2023   ID Cash     10-22-26-43-44 $113,600
03 Jan 2023   ID Cash     7-9-24-25-27 $111,900 
02 Jan 2023   ID Cash     3-8-28-31-33 $110,200 
01 Jan 2023   ID Cash     9-16-20-24-25 $108,900
31 Dec 2022   ID Cash     7-10-15-17-36 $106,800 
30 Dec 2022   ID Cash     6-8-11-25-26 $105,000
29 Dec 2022   ID Cash     10-15-26-29-35 $103,400
28 Dec 2022   ID Cash     4-8-31-32-42 $101,700
27 Dec 2022   ID Cash     6-18-25-29-32 $100,000
26 Dec 2022   ID Cash     4-13-16-33-39 $98,600 
25 Dec 2022   ID Cash     11-13-35-36-37 $97,800 
24 Dec 2022   ID Cash     2-12-30-31-34 $96,000 
23 Dec 2022   ID Cash     10-23-27-43-45 $94,400 
22 Dec 2022   ID Cash     3-20-29-35-44 $93,000
21 Dec 2022   ID Cash     5-13-17-24-29 $91,500
20 Dec 2022   ID Cash     13-17-40-42-45 $90,200
19 Dec 2022   ID Cash     16-29-31-36-40 $88,900
18 Dec 2022   ID Cash     14-20-30-40-45 $87,800
17 Dec 2022   ID Cash     8-25-36-43-44 $86,300
16 Dec 2022   ID Cash     1-27-33-44-45 $83,600

Note: We regularly update the above prescribed previous results history list and daily Idaho Cash for Evening results. Check results, the number of winners, and important announcements for the Idaho Cash lottery.

Check here separately Idaho Cash Lottery Results, top payouts, news, and winning numbers for the Evening.

Idaho Cash Lottery Draw Time ScheduleIdaho Cash Jan 15 2023 Live Drawing & Winning Numbers

View here ID Cash Lottery Live drawing timing & sales closing Time is 07:55 P.M. MT, (GMT-7:00 am) for a whole week.

Draw Days  Idaho Cash Lottery Sales Stop Time
Sunday  08:00 P.M. 07:55 P.M.
Monday 08:00 P.M. 07:55 P.M.
Tuesday 08:00 P.M. 07:55 P.M.
Wednesday 08:00 P.M. 07:55 P.M.
Thursday 08:00 P.M. 07:55 P.M.
Friday  08:00 P.M. 07:55 P.M.
Saturday 08:00 P.M. 07:55 P.M.

Top Story and News Updates – Press Release for Idaho Cash, Powerball

 November 8, 2022 – A only winning ticket for the record $2.04 billion Powerball lottery jackpot was sold in California. California Lottery officials say the “only winning ticket was sold at a gas station in Altadena”. One lucky winner purchased the nation’s only matching Powerball ticket. California lottery became the first billionaire state lottery.

November 7, 2022 – Due to Participating Tonight, Powerball Drawing has been delayed to 10:00 PM CT on November 7, 2022. Powerball Lottery Commission required extra time for the security protocols. These Protocols are required in almost all 48 Jurisdiction States of the USA.

Top Story- Indiana State History Jackpot Story – On November 7, 2007, The largest jackpot forever won in Indiana State is $54.5 million. Peter Gilbert of East Chicago, a retired Steelworker selects the Cash option rather than the 30 annual payments of $40.4 million.  There was no Jackpot winner since October 21, 2006. The Grand Jackpot prize broke its previous record of $42 million set on June 5, 1999.

October 05, 2022 – Caldwell is a woman who wins $50,000 on Big Spin. The Big Spin is a scratch game played in Idaho in its 33 years of history. The second edition of the Big Spin scratch game will begin in Idaho lottery retailers’ locations on October 17, 2022.

October 03, 2022 – A winning Powerball lottery $50,000 ticket is purchased in April 2022, set to expire on Monday, October 17, 2022. A Powerball lottery ticket was purchased at Pilot #650, located at 1401, Ripley Street, Lake Station, April 18, 2022 drawing.

October 01, 2022 – The Powerball lottery estimated jackpot prize for Saturday’s draw 10/01/2022 was $322 Million. That was with a cash draw option of $170.8 Million. In Michigan, only twelve Powerball lottery tickets were sold and $200 was won by the players.

The POWERBALL  lottery jackpot prize was the second-largest prize in the USA’s lottery history.

September 26, 2022 – There was no winner for the big jackpot prize of $330 Millions on this night. But more than $300M in tickets were sold in New York state. This was the third largest sale of the Powerball lottery in NY state.

April 18, 2022 – This was amazing in the history of the Powerball lottery that a jackpot-winning ticket was sold in Clarkson city but nobody come to claim it. There are a few days left on the expiry date of the ticket.

For Further latest news, information, and top stories about the Idaho Cash Lottery, Powerball, and USA Lottery, Continue reading our page USA Lottery News.

What is the History of the Idaho Cash Lottery?

Idaho State Lottery is run by the Government of Idaho. The Idaho Lottery was established on July 19, 1989, In Idaho State. It is also an active member of the Multi-State Lottery MUSL. Idaho State offers various Jurisdictional Lottery games as well as daily draw game lottery games with reasonable price points of $1 to $30. The first Idaho Lottery ticket was sold on July 19, 1989, approximately 840,000 tickets were sold that first day.

Idaho state voters supported a state lottery in 1986 and again in 1988. The first vote was announced unconstitutional, and 200 days later, In 1988, the senate authorized the lottery vote are approved it. The first game of the Idaho Lottery was introduced in 1989. Idaho Cash is one of them and is well played in a wide area of Idaho State.

Idaho Cash is a daily draw game Due to its daily draw understood as Daily Idaho Cash In Idaho State. Idaho Cash Lottery is a super fun daily lotto game with an exclusive starting Jackpot Prize of $250,000 million played solely in Idaho State. ID Cash is a popular and precious lottery game for Idaho natives.

Idaho Cash lottery choice is named are  Daily Idaho Cash lottery. ID Cash lottery winning numbers are the same as the winning numbers and payouts for the same lottery commission.

What is Idaho Lottery Commission?

The Idaho Lottery is composed of Idaho Lottery is multi-state Commission based and the Idaho lottery staff on July 19, 1989. The Governor of Idaho appointed this lottery Commission comprises of five members with five years of service. Governor and Executive Director Jeffrey R. Anderson serves with pleasure in Idaho.

Idaho Commission is also responsible for live drawings of other Idaho State Lotteries that are mentioned below;

ID Pick 3 Day, ID Pick 4 DayID Pick 3 Night, ID Pick 4 Night, Idaho Cash, ID weekly Grand, ID 5 Star Draw, ID Powerball, ID Mega Millions, ID Lotto America, ID Lucky For Life, and ID 2By2.

View here details of  Idaho Cash Lottery and above mentioned Idaho state lotteries’ live drawing results, winning numbers, news, and payouts revealed by the commission.

Where Do the ID Cash Lottery Funds Go?

The Idaho Lottery has a history in its 33-year record that $73 million is transmitted to the state of Idaho. Idaho State lottery consumes 62.5% million of this cash on schools, universities, and college building maintenance and restorations. The mission of the Idaho lottery is to be trustworthy to supply enjoyment and amusement.

With a high degree of integrity to maximize the bonus of 50% for public schools, buildings, and various reserves programs. Besides, the Idaho State lottery uses this money for Heritage Fund, Homeless people Shelters, Dept of Gaming, and Internet crimes against children victims.

Since the Idaho lottery was initiated has sold $1.8 billion in tickets and returned more than $437.3 million to the State education programs, Infrastructure, charity, and funds.

Reference: See for reference, how to claim the prize, play a jackpot prize game, and complaints www.irs.gov.

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