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MI Mega Millions Jan 13, 2023, Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

MI Mega Millions Jan 13, 2023, Lottery Results & Winning Numbers – Find in this post MI Mega Millions Jan 13, 2023, live drawing results, top payouts, and winning numbers for today (Friday) and the past 30 days.

DateWinning NumbersYellow BallPayout
Tuesday, Dec 05, 202318-35-40-64-67

Michigan Mega Millions Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here for MI Mega Millions of lottery results and Winning Numbers for yesterday Jan 10, 2023. Find in the below table yesterday’s MI Mega Millions lottery results summary.

DateWinning NumbersYellow BallPayout
Friday, Dec 01, 202312-47-49-52-65

What is the Cost of a Michigan Mega Millions Lottery Ticket?

View here MI Mega Millions lottery ticket costs that are $2. Pick a lucky number for three days of the week.

$1 to add the Megaplier. And for the Just the Jackpot plays $3.

In 2017 prices of tickets raised from $1 per play to $2 per play, and the Megaplier to $3 per play.

What time is the Next Michigan Mega Millions drawing?

17 January 2023 (Tuesday) at 11:00 P.M., ET is the next draw date and time for the MI Mega Millions lottery.

MI Mega Millions Jan 13 2023 - Michigan Live Draw

Michigan Mega Millions Previous Results Winning Numbers

Check here the Past Winning Numbers for today & yesterday’s past history of MI Mega Millions and the past 30 days.

DateLottery NamePast Winning NumbersMega BallMegaPlier
05 Dec 2023Indiana Mega Millions

01 Dec 2023Indiana Mega Millions

28 Nov 2023Indiana Mega Millions


Note: We regularly update the above prescribed previous results history list and twice a week Michigan Mega Millions results.

MI Mega Millions Jan 13 2023 - Michigan Lottery Results

Michigan Mega Millions Draw Time Schedule

View here the time of Live drawings & sales closing of the MI Mega Millions Lottery. MI Lottery Lottery Commission Jurisdictions holds the Mega Million Draws two times (Friday & Tuesday) a week.

Draw Days MI Mega Millions Lottery 
Drawing Time Cut-off Time
Tuesday 11:00 P.M. Varies by Jurisdiction
Friday 11:00 P.M. Varies by Jurisdiction
All times are Michigan Eastern Time

Top Story and News About Michigan Mega Million

World’s largest Mega Millions Jackpot Prizes

December 14, 2022 – If you bought a Mega Millions ticket back in July, you might want to check and make sure, you are not leaving the huge Jackpot Prize on the table. it is the last chance for unclaimed $1 million, Mega Millions expired on January 25, 2023.

December 10, 2022 – With just over two weeks to go until Christmas, The Mega Millions jackpot is picking up steam. After no ticket match, all six numbers were drawn Friday night. The jackpot rolls to an estimated $400 million, with a cash value of $216.2 million on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

November 18, 2022 – Aaron Blachuta purchased his winning ticket at Sahil of Perrysburg. He beat the odds of 1 in 254,545 to win. And he wins the $1-million annuity top prize in the New Mexico Lottery’s $20 Millions scratch-off game.

November 15, 2022 – Bettye Jemison purchased her New Mexico Pick-5 lottery winning ticket at Convenient Food Mart & matched her Pick-5 lottery ticket with all five numbers in exact order 1 in 100,000. And she won $25,000.

November 01, 2022 – New Mexico Lottery officials say a winning ticket worth $1 million was sold at a Love Gas Car Wash in Tuscarawas. It was an auto-pick-winning ticket. That means the $1 million winner only missed the jackpot by failing to match the Mega Ball.

October 15, 2022: A California one-lucky player San Jose bought one of two Mega Millions Jackpot winning tickets for Friday Night’s Draw. And the second lottery ticket was sold in Florida. So, now both bettors split the estimated $494 million Jackpot, Winning approximately $247 million each.

October 1, 2022: On 01 October 2022,  Thursday night, No ticket matched all six numbers drawn so, there was no winner. The Mega Millions jackpot keeps rolling down along. The estimated jackpot is $380 million with a cash draw option($198.4 million).

September 23, 2018: On October 23, 2018, South Carolina sold just one Mega Million winning ticket. It was the world’s biggest lottery prize ever won on a single lottery ticket in the history of the Mega Millions. It was the second time to originate and set an industry milestone with a $1.537 billion Jackpot prize.

It is the third time this year that the jackpot had surpassed $400 million. When the jackpot grew. A total of 720,159 winning tickets at all prize levels were sold on October 4 drawings. Two tickets, purchased in Louisiana and New Jersey, matched the five white balls to win the second-tier prize of $1 million.

September 28, 2022: In Michigan won a Mega Millions Jackpot prize estimated worth $1.337 billion. Mega Millions jackpot prize surprised worth and excitement to build again history. Matched all six numbers were drawn Tuesday night with winning numbers, white ball numbers 8-14-24-43-51 plus the gold Mega Ball 9, after no ticket winnings. The Michigan winner (partnership) claimed that the giant jackpot from late July, the second-largest in Mega Millions history was just last week.
It was the fifth jackpot won this year, following earlier wins in Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, and California.

July 30, 2022 – The jackpot has exceeded the magical $1 billion mark. This is for the third time in the 20-year history of Mega Millions. The estimated jackpot on Thursday, July 29, is a surprising $1.025 billion with a cash draw option ($602.5 million).

For Further latest news, information, and top stories about the MI Mega Millions Lottery, and USA Lottery, Continue reading our page USA Lottery News.

What is the History of the Michigan Mega Millions?

Under the McCauley-Traxler-Law-Bowman-McNeely Lottery Act, Michigan Lottery was initiated with the Green Ticket game on November 13, 1972. On November 24, Ticket sales of the Michigan lottery started with the first weekly drawing.

Michigan Lottery introduced the first instant tickets in 1975. In April 2013, Governor Rick Snyder the idea of online lottery sales put forward. The Michigan Lottery is known as the most successful online lottery program.

When the USA started Mega Million on August 31, 1996, known as “The big game”. And Later name was changed to MEGA MILLIONS. From initiation Mega Million was only one draw game (Fridays).

Another drawing of Tuesday was added to the Mega Millions lottery in the year of 1998. On September 06, 1996, the Michigan lottery started the Multistate lottery “Mega Millions”. The current version of Mega Millions players requires to match 5 of 70 white balls, and the gold-colored “MegaBall” from a second field, of 25 numbers.

On September 12, 2010, the Mega Millions Megaplier option was presented. With this option, Michigan Mega Million’s player can automatically win $1 million instead of $250,000.

What is Michigan Lottery Commission?

On March 25, 2018, the Michigan lottery commission focuses on operating all games. Michigan state lottery bureau functions with nothing less than total integrity.

The Michigan Lottery appointed Brian O. Neill as the tenth Commissioner of the Michigan lottery. Neill is legally blind but he is performing his duties very well.

The Michigan Lottery Commission is also responsible for live drawings of other Michigan State Lotteries;

Michigan Fantasy 5, Michigan Lotto 47,  Michigan Keno, Michigan Poker Lotto, Michigan Mega Millions, Michigan Powerball, and Michigan Lucky For Life.

View here MI Mega Millions and above mentioned Michigan state lotteries live drawing results, winning numbers, news, and payouts announced by the commission.

Where does the Michigan Lottery Money Go?

When someone plays the lottery, it’s a win for Michigan. Michigan lottery players have won over $20 billion in the last ten years. Around 60% of the Michigan Lottery is given back to players as prizes. In 1955, the School Aid Fund was approved to aid school K-12 public education.

In 1981 legislation began sending revenues to the state’s School Aid Fund. Michigan Lottery proceeds have always been earmarked for education.

In 2021, Michigan Lottery granted over $1.419 billion to Michigan School Aid Fund. Michigan Lottery also supports the companies that employ Michigan residents. Within one year, if Funds are not claimed then All unclaimed prizes are also given to School Aid.

Reference: See for reference, how to claim the prize, play a jackpot prize game, and complaints www.irs.gov.

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