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NY Numbers Evening Jan 15, 2023, Results & Winning Numbers

NY Numbers Evening Jan 15, 2023, & Results Winning Numbers – Find in this post NY Numbers Evening Lottery Results for Jan 15, 2023, live drawing, top payouts, and updated winning numbers for today (Sunday) and the past 30 days.

Date NY Numbers Evening Results Top Prize
Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 $500

NY Numbers Evening Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here for NY Numbers Evening lottery results and Winning Numbers for yesterday Jan 14, 2023. Find below the table yesterday’s NY Numbers Evening lottery results summary for the evening.

Date NY Numbers Evening Results Top Prize
Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 7-3-8 $500

What is the Cost of a NY Numbers Evening Lottery Ticket?

Watch here NY Numbers Evening lottery ticket cost is $0.50, or $1. Pick a lucky number for any day of the week.

For Straight/Box play style $1.

Combination play types are $1.50, $03, or $6.

What is the Next Draw Date & Time for NY Numbers Evening?

16 January 2023 (Monday) at 10:30 P.M., E.T. is the next draw date and time for the NY Numbers Evening lottery.

NY Numbers Evening daily draws time is held on live broadcast on-air TV Station Localish DT 2 at 10:30 pm Eastern Time according to the local time of New York State.

On November 2, 2020 Evening draw time changed to 10:30 pm ET.

NY Numbers Evening Jan 15 2023 Lottery Results

NY Numbers Evening Lottery Past Winning Numbers

Check here the Winning Numbers for today’s NY Numbers Evening Lottery and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date NY Numbers Evening Lottery Winner
15 Jan 2023
14 Jan 2023
7-3-8 18
13 Jan 2023 7-8-5 20
12 Jan 2023 3-6-5 14
11 Jan 2023 4-2-7 13
10 Jan 2023 6-6-6 18
09 Jan 2023 2-7-1 10
08 Jan 2023 5-1-9 15
07 Jan 2023 7-4-9 20
06 Jan 2023 5-1-6 12
05 Jan 2023 2-1-6 9
04 Jan 2023 1-6-8 15
03 Jan 2023 7-9-1 17
02 Jan 2023 4-9-3 16
01 Jan 2023 4-0-9
31 Dec 2022 0-0-3 3
30 Dec 2022 3-4-5 12
29 Dec 2022 4-3-6 13
28 Dec 2022 6-5-3 14
27 Dec 2022 1-0-2 3
26 Dec 2022 1-2-3 6
25 Dec 2022 1-9-1 11
24 Dec 2022 9-0-3 12
23 Dec 2022 3-9-1 13
22 Dec 2022 9-4-0 13
21 Dec 2022 1-9-7 17
20 Dec 2022 5-4-3   12
19 Dec 2022 0-1-5 6
18 Dec 2022 6-0-1 7

The New York Lottery Commission daily conducts live drawings at 10:30 P.M., ET (Eastern Time) for New York Numbers Evening Lottery. New York Numbers Midday Lottery draw will be conducted at 2:30 P.M., ET by the same lottery commission.

Note: We regularly update the above prescribed previous results history list and daily New York Numbers Evening results.

NY Numbers Evening Lottery Draw Time ScheduleNY Numbers Evening Jan 15 2023 Live Drawing

View here NY Numbers Evening Lottery Live drawing timing & sales closing Time is 10:20 P.M. ET, (GMT-5:00 am) for a whole week.

Draw Days   NY Numbers Evening Cut-off Time
Sunday  10:30 P.M. 10:20 P.M.
Monday 10:30 P.M. 10:20 P.M.
Tuesday 10:30 P.M. 10:20 P.M.
Wednesday 10:30 P.M. 10:20 P.M.
Thursday 10:30 P.M. 10:20 P.M.
Friday  10:30 P.M. 10:20 P.M.
Saturday 10:30 P.M. 10:20 P.M.
All times are Eastern Time of New York State

Top stories and News About NY Numbers Evening & Mega Millions

World’s largest Mega Millions Jackpot Prize

October 15, 2022: A California one-lucky player San Jose bought one of two Mega Millions Jackpot winning tickets for Friday Night’s Draw. And the second lottery ticket was sold in Florida. So, now both bettors split the estimated $494 million Jackpot, Winning approximately $247 million each.

October 1, 2022: On 01 October 2022,  Thursday night, No ticket matched all six numbers drawn so, there was no winner. The Mega Millions jackpot keeps rolling down along. The estimated jackpot is $380 million with a cash draw option($198.4 million).

September 23, 2018: On October 23, 2018, South Carolina sold just one Mega Million winning ticket. It was the world’s biggest lottery prize ever won on a single lottery ticket in the history of the Mega Millions. It was the second time to originate and set an industry milestone with a $1.537 billion Jackpot prize.

It is the third time this year that the jackpot had surpassed $400 million. When the jackpot grew. A total of 720,159 winning tickets at all prize levels were sold on October 4 drawings. Two tickets, purchased in Louisiana and New Jersey, matched the five white balls to win the second-tier prize of $1 million.

September 31, 2022: In Illinois won a Mega Millions Jackpot prize estimated worth $1.337 billion. Mega Millions jackpot prize surprised worth and excitement to build again history. Matched all six numbers were drawn Tuesday night with winning numbers, white ball numbers 8-14-24-43-51 plus the gold Mega Ball 9, after no ticket winnings. The Illinois winner (partnership) claimed that the giant jackpot from late July, the second-largest in Mega Millions history was just last week.
It was the fifth jackpot won this year, following earlier wins in Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, and California.

July 31, 2022 – The jackpot has exceeded the magical $1 billion mark. This is for the third time in the 20-year history of Mega Millions. The estimated jackpot on Thursday, July 29, is a surprising $1.025 billion with a cash draw option ($602.5 million).

For Further latest news, information, and top stories about Indiana NY Numbers Evening, Mega Millions, and USA Lottery, Continue reading our page USA Lottery News.

What is the history of NY Numbers Evening?

On November 8, 1966, a constitutional amendment authorizing New York voted to approve a government-run lottery. In House NY Lottery drawing hosts are John Schnurr, Anna Lichorat, and Kylie McDonald.

NY Numbers Evening Lottery is a twice-draw game. NY Numbers played is widely spread in all states of the USA. NY Numbers Evening lottery has exclusive draws and thrillers daily Jackpot prize, the top prize to make perfect combinations.

NY Numbers lottery has different playing Combinations, and various winning prizes daily two times. If any bettors miss out on drawing he has a second chance to win through evening drawing.

New York Numbers Evening lottery winning numbers are the same as NY Numbers Evening Jan 15, 2023, lottery winning numbers and payouts. NY Numbers lottery called NY Pick 3, Win 3, and 3 Digit lottery game.

What is New York Lottery Commission?

On February 2013, New York Gaming Commission Commenced. The six-member of the Lottery Commission is trustworthy to the permitted lottery gaming activity conducted in State integrity, credibility, and quality.

The New York State Gaming Commission (NYGC) is the official governing body. That monitors casino gaming, charitable gaming, horse racing, lottery, and video lottery closings in New York State.

NY lottery Commission provides a regulatory framework for New York gaming activities. The Commission consists of six-member. These members are responsible for lottery gaming activities conducted with State integrity, credibility, and quality.

New York Commission is also responsible for live drawings of other New York State Lotteries that are mentioned below;

New York Numbers Evening, New York Win 4 Evening, New York Win 4 Midday, New York Number Midday, New York Take 5 Midday, New York Take 5 Evening, New York Pick 10, New York Lotto, New York Powerball, New York Mega Millions, and New York Cash4life.

View here  NY Numbers Evening and above mentioned New York state lotteries live drawing results, winning numbers, news, and payouts announced by the commission.

Where does the NY Numbers Evening Lottery Money Go?

The NY Slogan was “Your chance of a lifetime to help Education”. The NY Lottery game generated $34 billion in aid to education revenue. The main purpose of the NY lottery is to provide funds for the Education Department. The New York lottery contributes to North America’s largest or most profitable lottery game in the State.

According to New York’s lottery enactment, between 40 and 60 percent of lottery revenue goes toward prizes. Around 25 to 45 percent goes to the state lottery fund.

A part of the proceeds of certain instant games in New York City is allocated to the city’s anti-crime division to stop the crimes.

Y Lottery contributed Education Avenue $3.59 billion for the Fiscal year 2020-2021 to help support education in New York State.

Reference: See for reference, how to claim the prize, play a jackpot prize game, and complaints www.irs.gov.

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