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PA Cash4Life Jan 14, 2023, Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

PA Cash4Life Jan 14, 2023, Lottery Results & Winning Numbers – Find in this post PA Cash4Life Jan 14, 2023, live drawing results, top payouts, and winning numbers for today (Saturday) and the past 30 days.

Draw Date Cash4Life Balls Cash Ball EST. JACKPOT
Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 12-19-24-27-45 2 $1,000

Pennsylvania Cash4Life Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here for PA Cash4Life of lottery results and Winning Numbers for yesterday Jan 13, 2023. Find in the below table yesterday’s PA Cash4Life lottery results summary.

Draw Date Cash4Life Balls Cash Ball EST. JACKPOT
Friday, Jan 13, 2023 1-13-16-20-50 4 $1,000

What is the Cost of a Pennsylvania Cash4Life Lottery Ticket?

View here PA Cash4Life lottery ticket costs that are $2. Pick a lucky number for three days of the week.

Doubler $1.

EZ Match $1.

Quick Cash $1.

What time is the Next Pennsylvania Cash4Life drawing?

15 January 2023 (Sunday) at 09:00 P.M., ET is the next draw date and time for the PA Cash4Life lottery.

PA Cash4Life Jan 14 2023 - Pennsylvania Live Draw

Pennsylvania Cash4Life Previous Results & Winning Numbers

Check here the Past Winning Numbers for today & yesterday’s past history of Pennsylvania Cash4Life and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers Mega ball
14 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 12-19-24-27-45 2
13 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-13-16-20-50 4
12 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 13-16-19-42-44 3
11 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 13-20-26-44-46 4
10 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 3-15-44-53-57 2
09 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-7-8-17-52 1
08 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-10-23-32-54 3
07 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 7-13-19-58-60 1
06 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 8-10-24-27-39 1
05 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 36-37-43-45-48 3
04 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-5-6-28-41 2
03 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 5-14-27-46-53 4
02 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-9-13-17-45 4
01 Jan 2023 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 15-26-31-44-53 4
31 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-4-6-25-60 4
30 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-6-28-30-60 3
29 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 13-14-21-44-46 4
28 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 10-23-35-39-59 3
27 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 6-34-36-53-56 3
26 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 7-10-24-29-51 4
25 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-32-37-53-56 2
24 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 10-18-33-37-40 1
23 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 6-27-28-39-49 4
22 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 1-6-11-28-33 2
21 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 17-25-26-51-58 3
20 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 22-24-27-29-42 3
19 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 13-40-44-48-49 3
18 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 2-15-25-43-49 3
17 Dec 2022 Pennsylvania Cash4Life 10-24-40-44-56 3

Note: We regularly update the above prescribed previous results history list and everyday PA Cash4Life Lottery results. PA Cash4Life Jan 14 2023 Live Drawing and lottery Results

Pennsylvania Cash4Life Draw Time Schedule 

View here PA Cash4Life Lottery Live drawing timing & sales closing Time by the Lottery Commission Jurisdictions for a whole week.

Draw Days  PA Cash4Life  Cut-Off Time
Sunday  09:00 P.M. ET (08:00) Varies by Jurisdiction
Monday 09:00 P.M. ET (08:00) Varies by Jurisdiction
Tuesday 09:00 P.M. ET (08:00) Varies by Jurisdiction
Wednesday 09:00 P.M. ET (08:00) Varies by Jurisdiction
Thursday 09:00 P.M. ET (08:00) Varies by Jurisdiction
Friday  09:00 P.M. ET (08:00) Varies by Jurisdiction
Saturday 09:00 P.M. ET (08:00) Varies by Jurisdiction
All times are Pennsylvania Eastern Time

Top Story and News About Pennsylvania Cash4Life, Powerball

World’s largest Cash4Life Jackpot Prizes

October 15, 2022: A California one-lucky player San Jose bought one of two Mega Millions Jackpot winning tickets for Friday Night’s Draw. And the second lottery ticket was sold in Florida. So, now both bettors split the estimated $494 million Jackpot, Winning approximately $247 million each.

October 1, 2022: On 01 October 2022,  Thursday night, No ticket matched all six numbers drawn so, there was no winner. The Mega Millions jackpot keeps rolling down along. The estimated jackpot is $380 million with a cash draw option($198.4 million).

September 23, 2018: On October 23, 2018, South Carolina sold just one Mega Million winning ticket. It was the world’s biggest lottery prize ever won on a single lottery ticket in the history of the Mega Millions. It was the second time to originate and set an industry milestone with a $1.537 billion Jackpot prize.

It is the third time this year that the jackpot had surpassed $400 million. When the jackpot grew. A total of 720,159 winning tickets at all prize levels were sold on October 4 drawings. Two tickets, purchased in Louisiana and New Jersey, matched the five white balls to win the second-tier prize of $1 million.

September 31, 2022: In Illinois won a Mega Millions Jackpot prize estimated worth $1.337 billion. Mega Millions jackpot prize surprised worth and excitement to build again history. Matched all six numbers were drawn Tuesday night with winning numbers, white ball numbers 8-14-24-43-51 plus the gold Mega Ball 9, after no ticket winnings. The Illinois winner (partnership) claimed that the giant jackpot from late July, the second-largest in Mega Millions history was just last week.
It was the fifth jackpot won this year, following earlier wins in Tennessee, Minnesota, New York, and California.

July 31, 2022 – The jackpot has exceeded the magical $1 billion mark. This is for the third time in the 20-year history of Mega Millions. The estimated jackpot on Thursday, July 29, is a surprising $1.025 billion with a cash draw option ($602.5 million).

For Further latest news, information, and top stories about the PA Cash4Life Lottery, Mega Millions, and USA Lottery, Continue reading our page USA Lottery News.

What is the History of the Pennsylvania Cash4Life Lottery?

On August 26, 1971, Pennsylvania Lottery was established by Pennsylvania General Assembly. On March 7, 1972, after one year, the PA lottery marketed the first lottery ticket and the first drawing materialized on March 15, 1972.

Pennsylvania State Lottery was operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Commonwealth term is used by the 4 of 50 states of the United State in their full official name).

PA Lottery is a Multi-State Lottery Association that has become the 30th  member of the state lottery. Pennsylvania State offers many lottery games Cash4Life is one of them.

On April 7, 2015, the Pennsylvania lottery join the Cash4Life lottery game.

On June 2014, Cash4Life launched in New York and New Jersey.

On May 15, 2017, the Doubler feature was added to Cash4Life.

On November 2020, the Quick Cash option was added to Cash4Life.

On April 2021, the EZ Match was added to Cash4Life.

The Multi-State Lottery Association MUSL had a game with the same name that run from March 30, 1998, to September 7, 2000. After that introduced the Cash4Life lottery with various play options Doubler,  EZ match, and Cash options.

The top prize for Cash4Life is $1,000 a day or life. With a secondary prize of $1,000 a week for life.

What is Pennsylvania Lottery Commission?

Henry Kaplen was appointed as the first Executive Director. Pennsylvania CI. 72 Act of August 26, 1971, P.L. 351 authorizing the creation of a State Lottery Commission.

The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania prescribed its power and duties. State Lottery law The Lottery Commission was established by Pennsylvania State Governor Henry Kaplen in 1971.

The Lottery Commission is a five-member based and commanded the lottery Operation and integrity of the State. The administration delivers the State Lottery, disposition of funds, violations and plenties, immunity of prizes from state and local taxation, and makes an allocation. Section 9 of Act 29 was approved in 1983.

The Pennsylvania Lottery Commission is also responsible for live drawings of other Pennsylvania State Lotteries that are mentioned below;

Pennsylvania Pick 2, Pennsylvania Pick 3, Pennsylvania Pick 4, Pennsylvania Cash4Life, Pennsylvania Mega Millions, Pennsylvania Cash4Life, Pennsylvania Treasure Hunt, Pennsylvania Match 6, Pennsylvania Cash 5.

View here PA Cash4Life Lottery and above mentioned Pennsylvania state lotteries’ live drawing results, winning numbers, news, and payouts announced by the commission.

Where towards the Pennsylvania Lottery Funds Go?

According to Pennsylvania Lottery laws, 40% of lottery sales are distributed to the winner’s prize, and 27% towards general funding programs. Recently now Pennsylvania State exceed the provision to expend to winners a prize of $60.9%, 29.9% for state funding programs, 6.7% is produced to retailers or vendor commissions, and 2.5%  is consumed as Lottery operating expenses.

In the 2009-2010 Fiscal year approximately $3.065 billion in revenue via profits and interest.

In the 2001-2002  Fiscal year approximately 59%  in sales over.

The target of the Pennsylvania lottery is to payoffs for funding programs, for elder residents, low-cost prescription assistance, Senior centers and meals, Care Services, and property tax rebates.

In 2017 the lottery revenue reduction exceeded $75 million in 2016-2017.

Governor Toms Wolf’s passed the gaming elaboration bill, a budget plan for 2018, and new revenue was established of $75 million for State reserve funds.

The slogan of the Pennsylvania lottery is “Benefits older Pennsylvanians every Every Day”. PA lottery is the only US state lottery that’s assuming a part in all programs those benefits older residents of Pennsylvania State.

PA Lottery contributed more than $31 billion to the different programs such as:

  • Low-Cost Prescription Assistant
  • Senior centers and Meals
  • Care Services
  • Property Tax or Rent Rebates

Pennsylvania Lottery ticket sales are proceeds & unclaimed prizes go back to the community for Pennsylvania Lottery Tuition Fund PLTF.

Reference: See for reference, how to claim the prize, play a jackpot prize game, and complaints www.irs.gov.

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