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AZ The Pick Lottery Results – Winning Numbers

AZ The Pick Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

AZ The Pick Lottery Results For Dec 14 2022 & Winning Numbers – Find in this post AZ The Pick Lottery Results for Dec 14 2022 live drawing, top payouts, and updated winning numbers for today (Wednesday) and the past 30 days.

Date AZ The Pick Numbers Payout
Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022 26-28-33-35-40-41 $1.2 Million

AZ The Pick Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here the Winning Numbers for today AZ The Pick Dec 12 2022.

Date AZ The Pick Numbers Payout
Monday, Dec 12, 2022 6-10-14-28-31-35 $1.2 Million


Check here the Winning Numbers for today’s AZ The Pick Lottery for Dec 14 2022 and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers Jackpot
14 Dec 2022   AZ The Pick 26-28-33-35-40-41 $1.2 Million
12 Dec 2022   AZ The Pick 6-10-14-28-31-35 $1.2 Million
10 Dec 2022   AZ The Pick 5-7-12-15-21-31 $1.2 Million
07 Dec 2022   AZ The Pick 6-7-21-23-43-44 $1.1 Million
05 Dec 2022   AZ The Pick 5-7-27-29-39-40 $1 Million
03 Dec 2022   AZ The Pick 7-14-24-36-38-41 $1 Million
30 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 11-16-24-26-35-39 $1 Million
28 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 1-4-6-11-22-44 $1 Million
26 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 10-14-30-32-39-41 $1 Million
23 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 2-13-14-15-19-26 $1 Million
19 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 2-4-10-19-23-32 $6.8 Million
16 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 20-21-22-32-34-41 $6.8 Million
14 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 1-4-21-23-25-34 $2.4 Million
12 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 4-10-26-37-42-44 $2.4 Million
09 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 2-6-17-23-37-41 $2.3 Million
07 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 6-11-17-22-37-42 $2.2 Million
05 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 8-12-16-26-38-44 $2.1 Million
02 Nov 2022   AZ The Pick 3-12-25-26-27-43 $1.9 Million
29 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick 8-22-26-34-37-39 $1.8 Million
26 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick
22 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick
19 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick 2-6-7-13-42-43 $1.4 Million
15 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick 3-10-19-24-29-34 $1.2 Million
12 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick 14-19-34-35-37-39 $1.2 Million
08 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick 17-22-24-25-29-36 $1.1 Million
05 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick 7-15-18-25-40-43 $1.1 Million
01 Oct 2022   AZ The Pick 4-14-19-24-27-30 $1 Million

AZ The Pick Lottery – Arizona State

Arizona’s State lottery is the first State lottery in the South-West of the Mississippi River to be approved by the lottery legislature Commission of Arizona State in 1980 and officially launched in 1981. Arizona Lottery’s purpose is to contribute millions of dollars from ticket sales to benefits for various projects, including homeless shelters, Education programs, and the State’s general funds.

AZ The Pick lottery is playing in Arizona State, the first drawing that occurred was On October 13, 1984. The Pick game is a State jackpot lottery in Arizona State. The starting jackpot of The Pick is $1 million and increases until nobody its win. The largest jackpot of The Pick is a $13.5 million win in 2013.

AZ The Pick Lottery Results - Winning Numbers


Tips for playing AZ The Pick Lottery

Before playing follow these tips are:

  • Gambling is just like fun, when the fun stops you should stop.
  • To the law of Arizona State, You should be 21 years or above to play AZ Lottery.
  • You can purchase lottery tickets before drawing 7-10 minutes of Arizona State time of U.S.
  • You can purchase a lottery ticket at 3,000 licensed lottery retailers in the State.
  • Buy a lottery ticket for an Advance play.
  • Internet gambling does not allow in Arizona State.
  • For lost, damaged, and stolen play slips Arizona State does not respond.
  • Before playing get an update about the game.
  • Don’t share your personal information with any scammer be alert for scams and fraud.
  • AZ Lottery tickets cannot cancel after proceeding.

How to Play AZ The Pick Lottery

AZ The Pick Lottery is a six-digit draw game choose your own six numbers from 1 to 44 or Select Quick Pick for random numbers generator.

AZ The Pick lottery offers the feature EXTRA! To increase the prize winnings,

If you add the Doubler feature all non-jackpot prizes are doubled but not applied on option EXTRA!

Choose multi draws options for up to 10 Consecutive draws on one play slip.

After drawing, matches your selected numbers with the winning numbers.

AZ The Pick Lottery Features

Play options are:

  • Multi draws
  • Advance play
  • Quick Pick
  • Doubler
  • EXTRA!

AZ The Pick Lottery Ticket Cost

AZ The Pick ticket cost per play is $1.

AZ The Pick feature EXTRA! Cost $1 or $2

AZ The Pick Lottery Draw/Live Broadcast

Monday was added on as a new draw day on April 4, 2022.

AZ The Pick daily draw is held on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Live stream (Lottery headquarters office Phoenix) at 7:00 p.m. Arizona Time (GMT – 7:00).

AZ The Pick lottery ticket sales close at 6:59 pm Arizona Time.

Draw Method a computer random numbers generator.

AZ The Pick Lottery Odds & Prizes 

AZ The Pick Lottery odds & prizes worth are:


Match numbers


Prizes Odds of winning
6 Jackpot 1 in 7,059,052
5 $2,000 1 in 30,961
4 $50 1 in 669
3 $3 1 in 42
Overall odds of winning prize of The Pick are 1 in 39.
  • AZ EXTRA! Odds & Prizes

AZ The Pick Combined lines odds and prizes are:




Odds of winning
$250 1 in 2,000
$50 1 in 685.71
$25 1 in 400
$10 1 in 200
$5 1 in 120
$2 1 in 130
$1 1 in 4.73
Overall odds of winning prize with EXTRA! Is 1 in 3.8.

 Claim Prize of AZ The Pick Lottery

To claim the prize following ways are:

  • All AZ lottery winning are subject to both Federal and State Tax.
  • You can claim the prize within 180 days due to the draw date.
  • Download the mobile lottery app PLAYERS CLUB to see winning numbers or claim prizes.
  • Claim the prizes by following these options are:
  • Option: 1 ===> $599 or less
  • Claim at any licensed lottery retailer.
  • Claim in person at Arizona claim center.
  • Claim by drop box at the Phoenix or Tucson (Lottery Headquarters) lottery offices
  • Claim by Email
  • Option: 2 ==> $600 to $49,999
  • Claim Arizona Claim Center
  • Claim by Email.
  • Option: 3 ===> $49,999 to $10,000
  • Claim by drop box at Phoenix or Tucson lottery offices.
  • Claim by Email
  • Before going to the lottery offices you need to mention the documents are:
  • AZ The Pick signed lottery ticket
  • A filled-out Prize claim form
  • A valid Government Issue ID
  • Social Security Card/Number
  • Hold on to the Copy of all claims prize documents.

AZ Tax Details

AZ Lottery winning are subject to State Tax for U.S residents/citizens are:

Winning State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
$600 or more 4.8% 24% 28.8%


AZ lottery winning is subject to Federal Tax for Non-U.S residents/citizens are:

Winning State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
$600 or more 6% 30% 36%
  • Arizona Contact Details

Here are the contact details of AZ Lottery State.

  • Arizona Lottery Headquarters

Arizona Lottery headquarters is located at 4740 University Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85034, Arizona State USA.

Phone # 480-921-4400

  • Office Opening Time

AZ Lottery Offices are open in Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

(Excluding Arizona State holidays)

  • Follow up for more Official Websites

To connect on Social Media Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates.

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  • FAQ

When are The Pick draws held?

The Pick draws take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 7:00 pm Arizona Time.

What is the Jackpot?

The Pick jackpot starts with $1 million and grows up with ticket sales and winners.

What are the Odds of winning the jackpot?

Players have the chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 7,059,052.

What is a Doubler Ticket?

1 in 10 tickets is called a doubler. If you get one any non-jackpot prizes (not applied on feature EXTRA! prizes) are doubled in value.

How was the paid out of AZ The Pick?

If you win the jackpot prize, you have 60 days to choose from payment options are:

Lump sum Cash Payment

30-year annuity

How do you Pick Winning numbers?

Hot numbers are therefore trendy numbers and winning combinations of hot numbers are again required to share with a load more players who pick the same hot numbers.

Source: For updated information on Lottery payouts and Federal tax obligations visit www.irs.gov.