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CO Lotto+ Plus Live Results – Winning Number

CO Lotto+ Plus Live Results & Winning Numbers

CO Lotto+ plus Live Results 26 Nov 2022 & Winning Numbers – Find in this Post CO Lotto Live Results for Nov 26 2022 live draw results, latest winning Numbers, Jackpot Prizes, and Top Payouts for Today (Saturday) & the past 30 Days.

Date CO Lotto Plus Numbers Plus Numbers Payout
Saturday, Nov 26, 2022 2-6-14-19-29-32 2-15-21-24-25-30 $5.7 Million

CO Lotto plus Lottery Yesterday’s Results Overview

Check here the Winning Numbers for today’s CO Lotto Plus results for Nov 23 2022.

Date CO Lotto Plus Numbers Plus Numbers Payout
Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 1-3-16-20-23-37 4-9-21-30-32-40 $5.5 Million

CO Lotto Plus lottery Past Winning Numbers

Check here the Winning Numbers for Yesterday’s CO Lotto results for Nov 26 2022 and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers Plus Numbers Payouts
26 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 2-6-14-19-29-32 2-15-21-24-25-30 $5.7 Million
23 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 1-3-16-20-23-37 4-9-21-30-32-40 $5.5 Million
19 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 2-14-22-25-33-34 6-7-16-21-32-38 $5.4 Million
16 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 2-16-29-30-32-39 2-10-17-23-32-37 $5.3 Million
12 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 5-12-20-22-25-28 14-17-29-30-38-39 $5 Million
09 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 4-11-12-33-36-40 5-23-26-32-34-40 $4.7 Million
05 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 4-8-11-15-25-30 8-9-18-27-30-39 $4.4 Million
02 Nov 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 2-3-6-14-17-32 4-10-12-32-38-39 $4.1 Million
29 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 10-13-16-30-36-38 5-10-12-19-23-38 $3.9 Million
26 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+
22 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+
19 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+
15 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 5-18-26-30-34-38 7-12-13-16-25-30 $3.3 Million
12 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 8-28-29-31-33-34 5-12-14-30-36-40 $3.1 Million
08 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 5-9-15-33-34-35 1-13-17-34-38-39 $3 Million
05 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 5-8-12-26-35-39 1-2-10-13-25-36 $2.8 Million
01 Oct 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 5-22-23-26-33-38 3-10-11-29-33-35 $2.7 Million
28 Sep 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 3-4-9-10-28-32 3-12-14-17-19-36 $2.5 Million
24 Sep 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 1-18-22-23-27-29 12-22-28-31-35-38 $2.4 Million
21 Sep 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 1-6-16-31-36-37 16-20-21-25-34-38 $2.2 Million
17 Sep 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 5-16-17-19-20-29 6-10-15-26-34-35 $2.1 Million
14 Sep 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 7-13-20-21-27-29 4-26-27-28-38-39 $2 Million
10 Sep 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 1-14-17-24-29-34 1-11-13-22-34-36 $1.8 Million
07 Sep 2022 Colorado Lotto+ 16-19-31-33-35-39 3-4-11-20-25-30 $1.7 Million

CO Lotto Results Winning Numbers

Colorado State Lottery is run by the Government of Colorado State and established by Multi State Lottery Association MUSL. On January 24, 1983, Colorado State joined the State lottery the first drawing beginning on April 23, 1983. Colorado lottery to generate revenue for state approved by voters’ Constitutional Amendment in 1992.

Colorado Lotto+ known as Colorado Lotto, on September 25, 2019, Colorado Lotto + is different from the old Lotto game. Prices increase from $1 to $2 or the matrix of the number reduces from 6/42 to 6/40.

Colorado Lotto Live Results - Winning Numbers

CO Lotto Play Responsibly

If you want to play the Colorado Lotto+ follow these options are:

  • Gambling is just like fun, not a way of making more money.
  • To play you must be 18 years or above by the law of Colorado State.
  • You can buy lottery tickets before drawing for 5-10 minutes.
  • You can purchase lottery tickets at any authorized lottery retailer in Colorado State US.
  • You can purchase lottery tickets for the Advance play.
  • Be Cautions, be aware, and don’t be scammed.
  • Internet gambling is not allowed in Colorado State.
  • Make sure to sign the backside of your lottery tickets.
  • Check your lottery tickets before leaving the lottery terminal to ensure you receive your order.
  • Check your lottery tickets retailer has not permitted to sell pre-printed lottery draw tickets.
  • Lottery tickets are not canceled after proceeding.


  • How to Play Colorado Lotto

Colorado lottery is six digits draw pick six digits from 1 through 40, or as to retailer mark on your play slip Quick Pick option or random numbers generated.

Colorado Lotto+ offers the feature Plus for another chance to win.

Use multi-draw options to play for the future in Advance Play.

Players can Play 26 consecutive draws in one play slip.

Check the winning after draws.

  • Colorado Lotto+ Features

Play options are:

  • Quick Pick
  • Plus option
  • Multi draws
  • Advance Play
  • Colorado Lotto+ Ticket Cost

Colorado Lotto+ ticket cost per play is $2

For Plus ticket price is $1.

  • Colorado Lotto+ Draw/Live Broadcast

Colorado Lotto draws are held on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:35 pm Mountain Time (GMT – 7:00) according to the local times of Colorado State Lottery US.

Colorado Lotto+ ticket sales close at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time.

Computer Random Numbers generator used for drawing.

  • Colorado Lotto+ Odds & Prizes

Colorado Lotto+ Odds and Prizes are:

Match Numbers Prizes (Main Draw) Prizes (Plus Draw) Odds of winning
6 of 5 Jackpot $250,000 1 in 3,838,380
6 of 5 $250 $300 1 in 18,816
6 of 4 $25 $30 1 in 456
6 of 3 $3 $4 1 in 32


Overall odds of winning prize Colorado Lotto+ are 1 in 30.

Overall odds of winning prize Colorado Lotto+ with feature plus active are 1 in 30.

  • CO Multipliers Odds & Prizes 

Co Multipliers odds and prizes are:

Prizes in $ Odds of winning
X2 1 in 2
X3 3 in 10
X4 1 in 10
X5 1 in 10


  • Claim Prizes of Colorado Lotto+

If you are the winner of the Colorado Lotto+ follow these options are:

  • You can redeem the prize within 180 days due to the draw date.
  • All lotteries winning are subject to both Federal tax and State tax.
  • Download the mobile lottery app to see winning numbers or lottery news alerts.
  • Option: ===> $599 or less 
  • Claim by a local authorized lottery retailer
  • Claim by Email to lottery headquarters
  • Option: 2 ===> $600 or more 
  • Claim by Colorado Lottery claim center
  • Claim by Email to lottery headquarters
  • Claim by Online.
  • Documents required for claiming process are:
  • Signed Colorado Lotto+ lottery tickets
  • Colorado Lotto+ prize claim form
  • Social Security card/Number
  • National ID with Pic
  • Keep a copy of all claim documents for your record.
  • Colorado Prizes Tax details

Colorado withholding lottery winning taxes for the US Residents/Citizens are:

Winning State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
Over $5,000 4% 24% 28%


Colorado withholding lottery winning tax percentage for non-US residents/citizens are:

Winning State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
Over $5,000 4% 30% 34%


  • Colorado Contact Details
  • Lottery Headquarters

Lottery headquarters at 25 N Main Street, Pueblo, CO 81003 Colorado.

Phone # 719-546-2400

  • Lottery Offices Timing

CO Lottery Offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm according to the local time of Colorado State US.

The appointment should be a must before the visit.

  • Lottery Official websites

To connect to social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube for more live updates visit us.

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  • FAQ – All Questions/Answers here

How to begin Jackpot of Colorado Lotto+?

Colorado Lotto+ jackpot starts at $1 million, or until rolled down if no player wins.

What is the Plus option?

CO Plus option is a second chance to win a jackpot prize. if you added the option Plus you can enter the lottery slip into the next draw after the main draw. if you match at least three numbers from the Plus you win a prize.

How much is the Jackpot?

Colorado Lotto+ jackpot worth is $250,000.

How does the multiplier work?

Every lottery ticket is generally assigned to a multiplier between 2 and 5, all non-jackpot winnings are multiplied by this number.

How many numbers do I need to match to win?

At least three numbers match to win a prize in both draws Main draw or Plus draw.

Source: For updated information on Lottery payouts and Federal tax obligations visit www.irs.gov.