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GA Five Lottery Midday & Evening Draw Results

GA Five Lottery Results -Midday & Evening Winning Numbers

GA Five Lottery Results For Dec 01 2022 & Winning Numbers – Find in this post GA Five Lottery Results for Dec 01 2022 live drawing, top payouts, and updated winning numbers for today (Thursday) and the past 30 days.

Check here separately GA Five Lottery Results, top payouts, news, and winning numbers for Midday & Evening.

GA Five Lottery Lottery Live Drawing Results For Midday

View here GA Five Lottery Live drawing Results, prizes & Winning numbers for Midday at 12:29 PM ET.

Date  GA Five Midday Numbers GA Five Midday Payout
Thursday, Dec 01, 2022 2-2-6-7-3 $10,000

GA Five Lottery Live Drawing Result For Evening

View here GA Five Lottery Live drawing Results, prizes & Winning numbers for Evening at 06:59 PM ET.

Date  GA Five Evening Numbers GA Five Evening Payout
Thursday, Dec 01, 2022 9-2-5-5-5 $10,000

GA Five Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here GA Five lottery results and Winning Numbers for yesterday Nov 30 2022. Find in the below table yesterday’s GA Five lottery results summary for midday and evening.

Date  GA Five Midday Numbers GA Five Evening Numbers GA Five  Payout
Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022 4-0-2-4-1 8-1-7-5-2 $10,000

GA Five Lottery Past Winning Numbers

Check here the Winning Numbers for today’s GA Five Lottery for Dec 01 2022 and past 30 days.

Drawing Date GA Five Midday Numbers GA Five Evening Numbers
01 Dec 2022 2-2-6-7-3 9-2-5-5-5
30 Nov 2022 4-0-2-4-1 8-1-7-5-2
29 Nov 2022 0-5-1-1-3 5-5-9-6-3
28 Nov 2022 6-6-5-8-2 2-9-7-2-8
27 Nov 2022 7-1-0-2-0 8-1-9-4-3
26 Nov 2022 0-0-6-6-0 7-4-7-1-9
25 Nov 2022 9-5-0-9-6 6-3-3-2-1
24 Nov 2022 9-2-4-2-7 2-7-5-0-9
23 Nov 2022 1-9-3-7-6 1-1-8-3-2
22 Nov 2022 3-0-2-8-2 0-5-1-0-3
21 Nov 2022 0-3-7-3-3 4-2-2-5-9
20 Nov 2022 0-3-6-6-6 4-9-5-0-0
19 Nov 2022 7-6-2-5-8 1-0-1-2-8
18 Nov 2022 5-4-3-2-6 4-4-8-2-7
17 Nov 2022 2-2-5-8-9 7-0-3-9-9
16 Nov 2022 8-4-9-2-9 6-7-5-3-4
15 Nov 2022 3-6-9-7-6 8-9-7-9-8
14 Nov 2022 8-1-6-5-2 6-5-2-3-5
13 Nov 2022 9-7-7-7-1 4-0-2-7-0
12 Nov 2022 3-1-7-9-6 3-7-5-9-3
11 Nov 2022
1-7-7-2-5 2-9-0-8-1
10 Nov 2022
0-3-5-0-7 9-3-4-0-4
09 Nov 2022
7-0-8-7-3 2-1-2-9-6
08 Nov 2022 2-1-9-9-5 9-2-5-8-0
07 Nov 2022 2-0-2-1-0 4-7-8-9-7
06 Nov 2022 5-6-5-8-5 6-5-2-3-5
05 Nov 2022 9-7-9-9-6
04 Nov 2022 5-4-1-2-1
03 Nov 2022 8-7-1-8-3
02 Nov 2022 3-7-5-4-6
01 Nov 2022 4-5-6-3-6

GA Five Lottery State

Georgia Lottery Corporation GLC is an American lottery known as Georgia Five Lottery is begun in 1992. It’s a government lottery run by a constitutional amendment approved by referendum. Lottery headquarters is located at Atlanta Georgia United State. In June 29, 1993 GLC starts selling lottery tickets

Georgia Five Lottery is once another daily draw game. Georgia 5 is played on August 1 2010. Georgia 5 lottery game is less similar from most of the GA Pick 3, and pick 4 lottery games.

GLC is contributed in more than $1 billion yearly to support the Education Department, Hope Scholarship, and South Carolina Lottery Pre-K, help for students, according to the law of State half amount goes to prizes, or one third for Education, Lottery Operating, and marketing of lottery tickets.

Georgia Lottery is always caring or provides benefits to our employees.

  • Health Care Plan
  • Reimbursement Account
  • Survivor and Disability benefits
  • Financial Benefits

GA Five Lottery

 GA Five Lottery Covid-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19 pandemic Georgia State change time at any time for Offices timing, claiming processes, Lottery Operations and games timing. We suggest you for up to date all information of Georgia Five lottery to connect the local lottery office in the State.

We will be appreciating your support, time, and patience.


  • Top Tips for Play Georgia-5

We share some rule and tips for play safely and responsibly in Georgia State U.S.

  • Before gambling to collect knowledge for games, odds of winning than wager.
  • According to the law of Georgia State you must be 18 years or above to play Georgia-5.
  • You can purchase a lottery ticket before drawing 10 minutes according to the local time of Georgia State U.S.
  • You can buy lottery tickets at any authorized 8,700 lottery retailer Location.
  • You can purchase lottery ticket for Advance Play.
  • Always check the lottery ticket before leave the lottery retailer’s store.
  • Make sure to sign the lottery ticket to ensure that you are owner of the ticket.
  • GLC State is not responsible to lost, damage, and stolen of lottery tickets.
  • Never spend the money for wager if is not afford for loss.
  • Don’t play if you are depressed, lonely or upset.
  • Don’t share your personal information any scammer, be alert on scam and fraud.
  • Georgia Five lottery ticket cannot be cancelled after proceed.
  • Instant lottery tickets are valid for 90days after the game end.
  • Georgia Five lottery tickets can be cancelled at the same retailers’ location within 15 minutes purchase.

How to play Georgia-5

Georgia 5 is a daily draw game play in GLC State players pick 5 numbers from 0 through 9 or ask to retailers mark on Quick Pick QP for random numbers generator. Select the wager type and play style for win. Players choose the draw time. You can play the same number in up to seven consecutive draws to choose multiple draws.

Check results if you win.

If you want top prize you match all five numbers in exact order.

Play Option Features of Georgia Five are:

Quick Pick ===> select QP or computer choose number

Multi Draws ===> up to play 7 multi draws

Next 2 ===> play next consecutive draws

  • Georgia five Latest winning Numbers

Georgia five lottery latest winning numbers re:

Day Draw date Prizes Winning numbers
Sunday Evening 24/07/2022 $5,023 9-0-6-5-0
Sunday Midday 24/07/2022 $5,863 5-8-0-8-8
Saturday Evening 23/07/2022 $6,156 6-2-2-2-0
Saturday Midday 23/07/2022 $4,759 3-2-4-4-3
Friday Evening 22/07/2022 $6,008 2-8-6-6-4
Friday Midday 22/07/2022 $29,490 6-5-4-5-5


  • Georgia-5 ticket cost

GA Georgia Five lottery ticket for per play is $1.

  • Georgia5 Draw/Live Broadcast

Georgia Lottery draws are held on twice a day at WSB-TV Atlanta, Georgia U.S. players select the draw time Midday and Evening or next 2 for play.

Georgia five lottery daily draws are held on Midday at 12:29 pm Eastern Time according to the local time of Georgia State U.S.

Midday tickets sales stop at 12:20 pm Eastern Time.

Georgia five Lottery daily draw are held on evening at 6:59 pm Eastern Time.

Evening tickets sales stop at 6:50 pm Eastern Time.

Mechanical Lottery Ball machine is use for draw.

  • Georgia 5 Odds & Prizes

Georgia 5 has the 15 ways to win prizes.

Match Numbers Prizes Odds of winning
5 of 5 $10,000 1 in 100,000
First & Last 4 $225 1 in 5,556
First 3 + last number $21 1 in 11,111
First + Last 3 number $21 1 in 11,111
First or Last 3 number $20 1 in 617
First 2 numbers + Last 2 numbers $20 1 in 1,235
First 2 numbers + Last number $11 1 in 1,235
First  number + Last 2 number $11 1 in 62
First or last 2 numbers $10 1 in
First number + Last number $2 1 in 123
First or Last Number $1 1 in 6

Overall odds of winning prize in Georgia five is 1 in 5.26.

  • Georgia 5 claim prizes

If you are winner of GA-5 lottery game you can claim the prize following ways is:

  • All GLC prizes are subject to Federal Tax or State tax.
  • If you are winner of Georgia 5 lottery game you can claim prize in 180days due draw date.
  • Download the mobile lottery app to see winning numbers and claim prizes.
  • If you win $600 or less than you can claim prize at any licensed lottery retailers location.
  • You can claim prize up to $601 or more than $10,000 from Georgia State Lottery.
  • If you play online through Players Club Account or win $10,000 to claim the prize from Georgia Lottery District ASD Office, instead of Hartsfield-Jackson airport branch Office.
  • You can claim prize up to $2,500 GLC at KIOSKS Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport on Monday to Friday at 8:30 am morning to 7:30 pm evening.
  • Claim prizes by Email to Georgia Lottery Corporation GLC head office, PO Box 56966, Atlanta, Georgia State U.S.
  • For redeem prizes you need mention documents are:
  • A Signed GA5 lottery tickets
  • A filled out lottery claim form
  • A valid government issue ID with photo
  • Social Security card or Social security proof number
  • Keep the copy of all claim documents for your personal records.
  • Appointment must be required for visit.

GA Prizes Tax Details

GA Lottery withholding tax percentage for U.S residents are:

Prize amount State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
Over to $5,000 5.75% 24% 29.75%

GA Lottery withholding tax percentage for Non U.S residents are:

Prize amount State Tax Federal Tax Total Tax
Over to $600 5.75% 30% 35.75%


  • GA Lottery Contact Details

For more information or help to contact the GA lottery District offices:

  • L.C

Georgia Lottery Corporation GLC is located at 250 Williams Street, Suite 3000, Atlanta, GA 30303, Georgia State U.S.

Main Office # 404-215-5000

Phone # 800-425-8259

Hotline # 1-800-GA-LUCKY

  • GA Offices Timing

GA District offices and claim centers are open in Monday to Thursday at 9:00 am morning to 4:00 pm evening, Friday at 9:00 am morning to 2:00 pm evening. All times is local time of Georgia State U.S.

  • Conclusion

Georgia Lottery Corporation is provide the security of scam and fraud, lottery operations, Personal data info, Diggi games, exclusive lottery, daily Email, Winners, winning numbers, rules of game, connect to social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GA pick 4, Pick3, Players club, Lottery news alerts, Lottery results, GA Employees, playing Style, COVID-19 updates, Lottery Office, timing, tax impose in the State.


  • FAQ
  1. What is the highest prize of Georgia 5?

Georgia 5 top prize is $10,000. You can win match 5 of 5 all winning numbers in exact order.

  1. Who can purchase lottery tickets?

By the law of Georgia State who is 18 year or above to play and purchase the lottery tickets of Georgia 5 lottery games.

  1. How many draws in GA5 lottery?

Daily two draw times in Georgia Lottery game, Midday or Evening to increase a chance of winning.

  1. Can we play online Georgia 5 lottery?

Yes you can play online lottery game via Players Club Account, from your Computer, and mobile devices.

  1. What are the Diggi games?

Diggi game is the game of chance you can play Georgia exclusive interactive Diggi game lottery or winning a chance up to $150,000.

Source: For updated information on Lottery payouts and Federal tax obligations visit www.irs.gov.