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Florida Lottery – Draw Results – Winning Numbers

Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery is a government-run organization in the United States of Florida. Florida lottery game also format on January 12, 1988 before 34 years ago in Florida US. The headquarters of Tallahassee, Florida U.S. Florida lottery secretary name is John F. Davis. Florida was the third-ranked state in yearly lottery revenue with $4.45 billion. In 2022 Florida offers the 11 terminal generated games, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick4, Pick5, Fantasy5, Cash pop, Cash4life, Mega millions, Powerball, Florida lotto, and Jackpot Triple play. The goal of the Florida lottery to enhance the public education in Florida state. Bright Future is the name of scholarship program. It is funded by the Florida lottery and was first started on 1997

The minimum age of to purchase Florida lottery tickets is 18 years old.

Florida Lottery - Draw Results - Winning Numbers

Florida Lottery Millionaire

Millionaire is the first game offered by Florida lottery, a $1 scratch of game with a $1 million annuity prize. On Sep 13, 1988 Sheelah Ryan winter-spring, won the largest single FL lottery jackpot in world history. She was the 10 Florida lotto winners.

The first $100 million Florida jackpot was for the drawing on Sep 15, 1990.

Florida only draws games

Florida Pick 2

Florida Pick 2 debuted in Florida on Aug 1, 2016. FL Pick2 uses the two-chambered machine. Player picks the balls numbers ranging from 0 through 9. One ball is drawn on each chambered. The player who matches the 2 digits in exact order he won the $50 only in $1 tickets. Tickets may be purchased before 13 minutes of drawing.

Florida lottery Pick2 tickets costs $1.

FL pick2 drawn every day on during a live broadcast at 1:30 pm Eastern time for the midday and the evening time is 9:45 pm Eastern time.

Florida Pick 3

Florida Pick 3 is drawn on live broadcast after drawing the FL Pick2. FL Pick3 played same as FL Pick2. FL Pick 3 player use 3 chambered machines. Anyone who matches the three digits in exact order he won $500 in $1 wager. On August 23, 2010 the Florida lottery added a new option in FL Pick3 called 1-OFF selection in game. 1-OFF selection gives the player 26 extra combinations of numbers in the 1 up or 1 down. In 1-OFF the all number exact match the players won $250 instead of $500 for a $1 play. If 1-OFF numbers draws the players win $10 on $1 play. This game was formally named Cash3 until August 1, 2016.

FL Pick3 midday live draw held on daily at 1:30pm Eastern time.

FL Pick3 evening live draw held on 9:45 Eastern time.

Florida Pick 4

FL Pick 4 is daily drawn during a live broadcast immediately following the Pick3 drawing. FL Pick 4 used 4 chambered ball machines and anyone who matches the 4 digits in exact order win $5000 in $1 on a wager. This game was formally named Play 4 until August 1, 2016.

Florida Pick 5

FL pick 5 which start on August 1, 2016 is drawn daily during broadcast immediately following Pick4. FL pick 5 used 5 chambered ball machines. A player who matched the 5 digits inexact order wins $5000 on a $1 wager.

Florida Fireball

FL fire ball introduced on January 18, 2021 and FL Fireball adds in Pick2, Pick3, Pick4, Pick5 games. If activating the FL fire ball double the cost of play. Players choose the digits on 0 through 9 for drawn. FL fireball numbers the players used to replace any one digit in any of the Pick game. In FL fireball the player select the digit 1-2-3 in Pick3 game and the number actually draw is 1-2-4 but the FL Fireball is a 3, the player may be replace 4 with a 3 to gain winning combination. The FL fireball creates additional way for winning.

Florida Fantasy 5

FL Fantasy 5 used a single ball machine from 1 through 36. Before July 16, 2001 the FL Fantast matrix is 1 through 26 and before 1933 FL Fantasy was 1 through 39. Five balls were drawn on machine.  A player selects the five all numbers win the Top of prize of the pool around $200,000. If no one matches numbers in FL Fantasy the prize pool rolls down on 4-of-5 winners. The pool of roll down was modified in FL Fantasy on Sep 15, 2008. FL Fantasy5 drawing the combination was 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. The reward for every winner was only $1992.32.

Florida Lottery Fantasy5 is drawn every day on live broadcast at 11:15 pm Eastern Time.

Florida Jackpot Triple Play

FL Jackpot Triple play replaced Lucky money. FL Jackpot Triple play used single ball machine ranging 1 through 46. In FL Jackpot Triple play for $1 players select 6 numbers to have them quick picked. Two additional rows $1 player add a combo option for the selection. FL Jackpot Triple play has a progressive Jackpot start at $250,000 and roll up to $2 million.

Florida Lottery Jackpot Triple play is drawing each Tuesday and Friday on live broadcast at11:15 pm Eastern Time.

Florida Cash Pop

Florida Cash Pop is introducing on January 3, 2022. One number for 1 to 15 is selected for a chance to win $1250 in cash prize. In each play panel players can select a single number or up to 15 numbers. FL cash pop added an option Play all for players. Players can choose the amount of $1, $2, or $5 to play per number determinate the cash prize could win as well as how many consecutive draws they want to play.  FL Cash pop drawn on five times daily

FL cash pop morning drawing 8:45 am Eastern time,

FL cash pop matinee drawing 11:45 am ET

FL cash pop Afternoon drawing 2:45 pm ET

FL cash pop Evening drawing 6:45 pm ET

FL cash pop late night drawing 11:45 pm ET

Florida Lotto

FL lotto used a single ball machine ranging with a numbers ball from 1 through 53. Before Oct 24, 1999 there were 49 balls. Players who match all numbers in any order wins or share the Jackpot. In Oct 2009, FL lotto was introduced Xtra option replacing Lotto Plus. Beginning of Oct 10, 2020 the FL lotto was introducing double play for an additional $1 per play.

Florida Lotto is drawn on each Wednesday or Saturday during the live broadcast at 11:15 pm ET.

Multi-Jurisdictional games

Florida Cash4Life

FL Cash4life is available in Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia. The Florida lottery cash4life joined on Feb 17, 2017. Players choose 5 of 60 numbers in one field and one of 4 green cash ball in second field. The top prize is $1000 per day for life. Second prize is $1000 per week for life. FL Cash option is available for winners of a Lifetime prize.

On July 1, 2019 live drawings are held on Monday and Thursday evening at 9:00 pm eastern time on live stream. The FL Cash4life drawing is held on Night 9:00 pm ET.

Florida Mega million

Florida Mega Millions offered in 44 states, the district Columbia and the US Virgin Island. On May 15, 2013 was added option FL mega millions. FL current format the players choose 5 of 70 white balls in one pool and the gold colored mega million ball in second pool of 25 numbers. The odds of winning Jackpot per play are 1 in 302,575,350.

FL mega millions each games $2. FL mega millions games are $3 with mega-plier option.

FL Mega millions draw are held on Tuesday and Friday nights at 11:00 pm Eastern Time in WSB-TV main studio in Atlanta Georgia.

Florida Powerball

On January 04, 2009 the FL powerball became availed in Florida. FL first drawing arte held on January 7, 2009. FL Powerball Jackpot is starting $40 million. FL Powerball a player choose 5 of 69 white balls and a red color ball out of 26 numbers from a separate pool. The odds of winning jackpot per play are 1 in 992, 201,338. The official cut off the tickets sale is 10:00 pm ET time with some FL lotteries cutting off their sales earlier. The including of Florida Powerball in the regular drawing venue was moved from Lowa Lottery to Universal Orlando Resort and then moved in Tallahassee headquarters.

FL Powerball each draw cost $1 or $3 with the power play option.

Florida Lottery Powerball is drawing on Wednesday, Saturday, and Monday at night 10:59 pm Eastern time.

Lottery drawing Hosts

  • Randy Traynor
  • Michelle Layles
  • Ken Hiffler
  • Natalie Futrell
  • Laura Johnson
  • Sam Arlen
  • Charles Lookwood

Florida Monopoly Millionaires Club

On Ct 19, 2014 FL monopoly millionaires club began sales with 23 participating in the launch. FL MMC was tied a Television show which continued airing until April 2006. The FL MMC draw game was replaced by 16 sates version of an FL MMC scratch tickets. FLL MMC game show featured players who won the trip of Las Vegas via draw game and later the scratch game.

FL MMC drawn weekly on Fridays was suspending following the Dec 26 draws.

 Florida Lucky Lines

FL Lucky Lines tickets went on sale on Oct 11, 2010. FL lucky lines player who wish to purchase the game must make two selections to buy tickets. In FL lucky lines player must choose how much to pays for each ticket $1, $2, $3, or $5 and secondly players must determines if they want to select a set of numbers 7 between 1 to 49 or let the choice of Computer Quick pick the numbers of them. FL lucky lines are an instant win game ticket cannot be cancelled once purchased.

The Introduction of FL mega millions the FL lucky lines ended in 2013.

Florida Lucky money

FL Lucky money live draw held on Tuesday and Friday at 11:15 pm Eastern Time. Two chamber in one ball machine were used, One with White ball numbered from 1 through 47 and second with gold ball numbered from 1 to 17. Four balls drawn of white chambered and one ball called lucky ball drawn from the orange chamber.  The FL lucky money jackpot starts on $500,000 annuity.

FL lucky money name was changed on July 1, 2014 to avoid confusion with mega million. FL Lucky Money is known as Mega Money. Lucky Monet was replaced with Jackpot Triple play and the last drawing held on January 29, 2019.

Source: For updated information on Lottery payouts and Federal tax obligations visit www.irs.gov.