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New York Lotto Results – Drawing Winning Numbers

New York Lotto Results & Drawing Winning Numbers

New York Lotto Results For Dec 03 2022 & Winning Numbers – Find in this post New York Lotto Results for Dec 03 2022 live drawing, top payouts, and updated winning numbers for today (Saturday) and the past 30 days.

Date New York Lotto Payout
Saturday, Dec 03, 2022 $– Million

New York Lotto Results For Yesterday

Check here the Winning Numbers for Yesterday’s New York Lotto Nov 30 2022.

Date New York Lotto Payout
Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022 4 15 32 39 41 57 8 $12.3 Million

New York Lotto Past Winning Numbers

Check here the Winning Numbers for today’s New York Lotto for Dec 03 2022 and the past 30 days.

Drawing Date Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers Bonus
03 Dec 2022 NY Lotto 
30 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  4-15-32-39-41-57 8
26 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  5-18-24-27-39-46 35
23 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  10-22-36-37-39-55 11
19 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  9-12-24-28-30-41 50
16 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  18-36-39-57-58-59 34
12 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  11-12-15-19-37-51 55
09 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  7-13-15-19-27-58 35
05 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  1-8-22-24-44-46 12
02 Nov 2022 NY Lotto  7-13-18-22-38-47 44
29 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  23-25-39-47-51-52 30
26 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  2-24-28-38-45-59 47
22 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  3-6-22-41-43-50 5
19 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  2-17-23-34-49-50 32
15 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  37-41-43-47-50-56 24
12 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  2-11-27-28-40-50 1
08 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  1-7-17-38-44-54 49
05 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  1-42-48-50-52-59 20
01 Oct 2022 NY Lotto  2-6-16-33-35-52 44
28 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  6-22-28-32-36-49 9
24 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  7-1-27-31-35-50 48
21 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  8-33-38-40-42-53 24
17 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  16-27-36-40-41-55 19
14 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  8-16-18-36-54-59 22
10 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  9-30-32-51-55-57 40
07 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  1-4-16-26-35-48 17
03 Sep 2022 NY Lotto  12-28-30-40-43-52 17
31 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  42-45-47-49-52-56 27
27 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  12-19-30-31-47-57 53
24 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  10-29-33-51-58-59 38
20 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  4-11-14-30-32-50 13
17 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  2-35-36-37-43-49 56
13 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  6-10-22-38-55-58 36
10 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  3-13-16-25-32-42 46
06 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  10-21-25-35-40-45 7
03 Aug 2022 NY Lotto  2-11-23-25-44-53 33
30 Jul 2022 NY Lotto  2-10-17-18-21-41 4
27 Jul 2022 NY Lotto  22-24-33-34-43-49 30
23 Jul 2022 NY Lotto  7-13-18-20-41-53 20
20 Jul 2022 NY Lotto  7-17-23-29-48-57 21

Lotto-New York State

New York joined the Lotto as a lottery game in 1978. Legally the payout of percentage in Lotto in 40%, since the addition of Mega million 2002 and power ball 2010 the sales of a Lotto NY lottery game have been long-decline.

New York is contributing to North America’s largest or most profitable lottery game.

On November 8, 1966, a constitutional amendment authorizing new Yorkers voted to approve the government-run lottery. Lotto NY in draw house game hosts are:

John Schnurr.


Kylie McDonald.

The NY Lotto slogan was “your chance of life to help Education”. The NY Lotto to generate $34 billion in aid to education revenue. NY Lotto to contribute the education revenue $3.59 billion in 2020-2021 to help support the education department in New York State. The main purpose of the NY lotto to provide funds for the Education system.

New York Lotto - NY Live Draw

Top Tips for Responsible play NY Lotto

We have share some tips for safely or responsibly playing Lotto NY game in New York State are:

The minimum age for playing Lotto NY is 18 year or older according to the law of New York State US.

The minimum age for playing NY Lotto game for Quick draw Keno Style game four minutes apart where alcohol served is 21 year or old according to the law of New York State.

You can purchase Lotto NY lottery game before up to 15 minutes draw according to the local time of New State US.

You can Purchase NY lotto lottery tickets at any authorized +15,000 lottery retailers location in New York State.

According to the law of New York State your NY Lotto ticket is a bearer statement. The NY Lotto is not responsible for loss, damage, or stolen NY Lotto tickets.

Please check your lottery tickets before leave the any lottery retailers’ location of New York State. You are responsible the accuracy of you lotto NY tickets.

You can buy NY Lotto tickets for Advance Play.

Make sure to sign the Lotto NY lottery tickets for presenting the collect money or cash prizes.

NY Lotto lottery tickets cannot be cancelled after preceding the winning numbers or cash prizes.

NY Lotto tickets can expired in 180 days before the winning NY lotto draw date.

Hand over your NY Lotto lottery tickets at any lottery retailers in New York State within 30 days for playing NY Lotto same numbers in future.

How to play Lotto NY

Lotto NY players choose the two sets of numbers from 1 to 59 or quick pick for random computerized numbers generator. Players have the option in Lotto NY to play multi draws. Play it again feature offer the chance to player allow to play numbers you recently used within the 30 days of your lotto ticket date. A player needs to match at least three numbers for win NY lotto prize.

IN Lotto NY bonus number is a chance to win second prize winner. You need to match 6 of 5 numbers or plus bonus ball number you win second prize.

NY Lotto 40% tickets sales are allocated in the prize pool. NY Lotto same numbers play in 26 consecutive draws.

NY Lotto game cost

Lotto NY each game cost for per play two lines $1.

You can play 10 games on your lotto play slip in $5.

NY Lotto Draw/Live broadcast

NY Lotto live draw are held on Wednesday or Saturdays in live broadcast at televised in Spanish on Uni-Mas Channel 68. The NY Lotto drawing time held according to the New York State at 8:15 pm Eastern Time.

NY Lotto tickets sales stop at 8:00 pm Eastern Time according to the local time of New York State.

On November 4, 2020 the draw time was change to 8:15 pm ET.

NY lotto used the draw method is Mechanical Lottery ball machine.

NY Lotto Odds & Prizes

NY lotto all prizes are pari-mutual. NY Lotto the starting jack pot is $3 million or $4 million or can increase with rollover at least any player wins it Jackpot.

On April 2013 the Jackpot annuity paid in 26 graduates payments was reduce from $3 to $2 due to the poor sales of lottery tickets. NY lotto jackpot prize is the 75% of pool prize or the remaining percentages are allocated 7.5% for second prize, 5.5% for third prize, 6.25% to the fourth prize, or 6% to the fifth prize.

The first rollover prize of Lotto NY is $10 million. On September 2019 Lotto NY rollover reduce to $100,000 due to the poor sale of lottery tickets.

NY lotto offers the five prizes categories.

NY Lotto matches the 6-of-6 numbers odds of winning are 1 in 45,057,477 for jackpot prize.

NY Lotto matches the 6-of-5 numbers +bonus ball odds of winning are 1 in 7,509,579 for second prize.

Lotto NY matches the 6-of-5 numbers odds of winning are 1 in 144,414.98 for third prize.

Lotto NY matches the 6-of-4 numbers odds of winning are 1 in 2,179.85 for fourth prize.

Lotto NY matches the 6-of-3 numbers odds of winning are 1 in 96.17 for fifth prize.

Overall odds of winning of Lotto NY are 1 in 92.05 for a single play of two lines.

NY Lotto claim prizes

If you are winner of NY lotto game you can win claim prizes in these ways:

NY Lotto game is lottery winning are subject to New York State Gaming commission and Federal income Tax.

If you are winner of NY Lotto lottery game you can claim your prize in 180 days after the draw.

Download then mobile app to see the result of Lotto NY or winning numbers or claim prizes.

To see the results of Lotto NY or claim prizes you can visit the Official Website of New York lottery State.

For winning numbers or claim prizes you can check-A ticket lottery at any lottery retailers’ location in New York State.

If you are winner of Lotto NY you can win up to including $600 you can contact the NY lottery service customer service center or if you win prize over to $601 you can claim prize by Email NY Lotto or download the claim forms. Appointment is required for claim form or prizes.

Only 30 lottery NY Lotto tickets are Cash in one appointment, so winner should to leave the one or more NY lotto tickets for processing the claim prize.

For claim Lotto NY prizes you can redeemed at a local prize claim center. To redeem your claim prize you need

Your signed Lotto NY lottery tickets

A filled out prize claim forms or fill the claim form with 1 to 11 steps

A valid government-issue ID

A social security number or FIEN.

Keep the copy of all NY lotto documents for your records or claim Prize.

The NY lotto lottery Customer Service Center open in Monday to Friday at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm according to the local time of new york state, forward the claim prize to headquarters for processing the Lotto NY claim prizes.

If you are winner of Lotto NY or available in other country or since overseas, you can claim your prize by Email Lotto NY headquarters or download the claim form for claim Lotto NY prizes.

For more information Lotto NY or winning number or claim prizes you can contact the lotto NY lottery headquarters located at New York Lottery, PO Box 7533, Schenectady NY 12301-7533 New York State.

O calls the HOPE lines Numbers 1-877-8, HOPE NY 1-877-846-7369, or by text HOPE NY 467369 standard text charger may be applied.

Source: For updated information on Lottery payouts and Federal tax obligations visit www.irs.gov.