Malta Super 5 Result Today

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Malta Super 5 Result Today

A majority of Maltese aren’t curious about betting or gambling – but those that say that the Super 5 is their game of choice

While gambling and sports betting lack popularity among the Maltese, those that wish to bet their money tend to be older and hail from the Southern Harbour, with their preferred game being the Super 5.

A survey commissioned by ILLUM and administered by Polar Surveys shows that men gamble quite women, and seniors gamble quite younger age groups.

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Frequent gamblers opt for Super 5

However, the bulk of the people don’t play money or don’t cut out playing tickets that involve money.

The Super 5 lottery is Malta’s hottest game, played by 31.3% of the population and hottest among participants from the Southern Harbour district. The second hottest game, with 9.7% of the population playing it, is Il-Lotto.

A newer phenomenon, online games are the third hottest game of chance of choice but remain far back as compared to the Super 5 and Il-Lotto with only 0.4% choosing online casinos.

Even sports betting lacks popularity, with only 0.6% saying to play it.

In terms of gender, while 33.7% of men wish to play the Super 5, 28.9% of girls enjoy an equivalent. This trend is similarly found in bingo games, which is that the preferred betting game for 11.8% of men and for 7.7% of girls.

Older people are more likely to interact in gambling – especially those between 51 and 65 years aged. In fact, 33.3% of those aged between 51 and 65 years wish to play the Super 5, while this figure falls to 29.6% of individuals within the 18-35 age bracket.

Il-Lotto has largely did not catch popularity with younger and middle-aged groups, such a lot in order that only 3.2% of those aged 18 to 35 play the sportwithin the 35-50 age bracket, only 8.2% said that they play il-Lotto.

For comparison, almost 15% of these above 65 years aged report playing bingo, the amount falling to 13.7% among those aged between 51 and 65.

Respondents within the Southern Harbour district are presumably to play the Super 5, while il-Lotto is that the preferred option within the Northern Harbour. Within the Southern Harbour, 43.7% responded that they play the Super 5, while 49.4% said that they are doing not gamble or play betting games.

On the opposite hand, participants within the Northern Harbour are more likely to play bingo, at 16.8% of respondents.

In terms of educational background, those with a secondary level of education were presumably to gamble. From respondents coming from this background, 14.8% mentioned playing il-Lotto and 35.6% said they play the Super 5, while 48.1% said that they don’t play.

Those with a primary and tertiary level of education play significantly less, with 69.6% and 66.4% respectively stating that they don’t play.

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