New York Man Wins $10 Millions Lottery Second Time In 3 Years

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New York Man Wins $10 Million Lottery Second Time In 3 Years

Talk about luck — a New York man just won his second top prize worth $10 million in three years.

In 2019, Juan Hernandez claimed a$ 10 million top prizes from a New York Lottery instant game called” $ Cash Spectacular.”

New York Man Wins $10 Millions Lottery Second Time In 3 Years

“I am still trying to spend the$ 10 (million) I won in’19,” he remarked.

Just three years later, he is at the lottery office claiming yet another top prize of $10 million, this time from the $30″$Deluxe” scratch-off game.

The Uniondale resident got his second stroke of luck at the Stop & Shop supermarket on Fulton Avenue in Hempstead and chose to receive his most recent prize as a lump sum payment of$ after taxes.

Luck must come in twos for Hernandez, who not only won his second$ 10 million prizes but took home the game’s second top prize out of the five available. Now, there are three top prizes remaining in the game, as well as five out of ten second-tier prizes of $ and 44 out of 60 third-league prizes of $.

The odds of winning the top prize in the”$ Deluxe” game are 1 in.

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