New York Powerball Next Draw Sep 11 2023 – Estimated Jackpot

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New York Powerball Next Draw Sep 11  2023 – Estimated Jackpot

The Powerball jackpot has risen for Wednesday Night’s drawing

There was no lucky winner on Saturday night’s drawing whose ticket matched all numbers to win the jackpot. So the Powerball’s next estimated jackpot soared to $461 Million.

After 39 drawings Powerball’s sixth largest $1.08 Billion Jackpot was defeated by a lucky winner of the California Lottery. Last in November 2022 Edwin Castro won the $2Billion. Now this is the second time another Billion Dollars win was also named to the California Lottery.

What is Next Powerball’s estimated Jackpot of New York Lottery?

The Powerball Jackpot of $1.08 Billion was won by the California Lottery in a Wednesday night’s drawing. The next morning on Thursday a woman came into front whose claim was she was a winner. But still, there is no announcement from the California Lottery about the winner.

After the recorded jackpot winning drawing there was no winner whose ticket matched all numbers So the Jackpot grew for the next drawing.

For Wednesday’s drawing Next estimated jackpot is

$522 Million with a Cash value of $252.4 Million

Powerball is held in 45 states of the USA. Powerball is a massive Jackpot game that changes the life of players when win. $2 is not big money to change lives to a fairly comfortable life.

When is the next NY Powerball drawing?

The next Powerball drawing is Monday, September 11, 2023 Drawings are held at 10:59 p.m. every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Last Powerball drawing’s winning numbers

New York Powerball Next Draw Sep 11 2023

Here are the Powerball winning numbers for Saturday, September 09, 2023:


Powerball: 25

Powerplay: 2x

How late can I buy NY Powerball tickets?

The deadline for buying a Powerball ticket varies by state so don’t wait until the last minute. The deadline in New York is 10:00 P.M. In other states, cut-off times depend on the state jurisdictions.

What is the ticket cost of the New York Powerball lottery?

The per-play ticket cost of Powerball is $2. If players add an option of power play then the ticket cost becomes $3 with Power Play. The double-play option is not added in New York Powerball.

What are the chances of winning Powerball?

Playing Powerball can be awesome. Winning the Powerball jackpot tolls life-changing. Powerball game odds of winning and big prizes are given below.

Matched Numbers Prizes Odds of winning
5 White balls + Powerball Jackpot 1 in 292,201,338
5 White balls $1,000,000 1 in 11,688,054
4 White balls + Powerball  $50,000 1 in 913,129
4 White balls $100 1 in 36,525
3 White balls + Powerball $100 1 in 14,494
3 White balls $7 1 in 580
2 White balls + Powerball  $7 1 in 701
1 White balls + Powerball $4 1 in 92
Powerball $4 1 in 38

Powerball Power play odds

For an extra $1 per entry, the Power Play feature can multiply non-jackpot prizes.  Power Play odds of winning are here

Power Play Multipliers 2X 3X 4X 5X
Odds 1 in 1.75 1 in 3.23 1 in 14 1 in 21

How do I play NY Powerball?

Players select five numbers from 1 to 69 for the white balls and one number from 1 to 26 for the red Powerball.

Can I buy NY Powerball tickets online, by mail, and over the Internet?

People in New York cannot buy tickets online. Players only purchased lottery tickets from local retailers.

Where can I watch Powerball drawing?

What are the chances of winning Powerball?

Playing Powerball can be awesome. Winning the Powerball jackpot tolls life-changing. Powerball game odds of winning and big prizes are given below.

Does Powerball have a lump sum or annuity option?

Powerball offers winners a single lump sum or 30 annuity payments over 29 years.

Can I win the Jackpot and remain anonymous?

Lottery prizes are public funds, so we are responsible for announcing the names of winners.

What was the biggest Powerball jackpot?

Here are the Top 10 jackpots since the Powerball lottery began in 1992

  1. $2.04 billion, Nov. 7, 2022: Won in California
  2. $1.586 billion, Jan. 13, 2016: Three winners in California, Florida, Tennessee
  3. $768.4 million, March 27, 2019: Won in Wisconsin
  4. $758.7 million, Aug. 23, 2017: Won in Massachusetts
  5. $754.6 million, Feb. 6, 2023: Won in Washington
  6. $730 million, Jan. 20, 2021: Won in Maryland
  7. $699.8 million, Oct. 4, 2021: Won in California
  8. $687.8 million, Oct. 27, 2018: Two winners in Iowa, New York
  9. $632.6 million, Jan. 5, 2022: Two winners in California, Wisconsin
  10. $590.5 million, May 18, 2013: Won in Florida

In how many days can winners claim the Powerball Jackpot in New York?

Lottery winners have 1 year (365 days) from the date of drawing to claim their prize.

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