OH Lucky For Life Sep 08 2023 – Ohio Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

85 / 100

OH Lucky For Life Sep 08 2023 Winning Numbers

Watch the OH Lucky For Life Sep 08 2023 draw results now on USA Results Lottery. Ohio State’s favorite Lottery Results not only can be seemed on the website but also via Livestream on Youtube Channel. After the Ohio Lottery officials draw the latest Ohio result of OH Lucky For Life Sep 08 2023 (Friday) are also updated here. So here you can check not only Ohio Lottery’s recent results but also previous and past 30 results.OH Lucky For Life Sep 08 2023 - Ohio Live Draw

Ohio Lucky For Life Lottery Today Result

DateWhite BallGreen BallTop Prize
Saturday, Dec 09, 20231-6-19-28-482

Ohio Lucky For Life Lottery Yesterday Result

DateWhite BallGreen BallTop Prize
Friday, Dec 08, 202326-28-31-33-3718

OH Lucky For Life Next Draw

Saturday, Sep 09, 2023, at 10:38 pm., Eastern Time (GMT-5:00)

OH Lucky For Life Ticket cost
$2 per play

OH Lucky For Life Drawing Days
Daily at 10:38 PM

OH Lucky For Life Lottery 30 Days Result History

Lottery NamePast Winning NumbersLucky Ball
Dec 09, 2023Lucky For Life1-6-19-28-482
Dec 08, 2023Lucky For Life26-28-31-33-3718
Dec 07, 2023Lucky For Life3-11-17-18-382
Dec 06, 2023Lucky For Life4-9-15-25-4011
Dec 05, 2023Lucky For Life11-12-21-22-351
Dec 04, 2023Lucky For Life1-16-22-39-409
Dec 03, 2023Lucky For Life11-15-28-36-4011
Dec 02, 2023Lucky For Life3-6-17-45-4615
Dec 01, 2023Lucky For Life15-33-34-41-4317
Nov 30, 2023Lucky For Life7-12-28-37-412
Nov 29, 2023Lucky For Life16-33-38-39-4710
Nov 28, 2023Lucky For Life9-15-18-31-4016
Nov 27, 2023Lucky For Life6-20-22-26-3817
Nov 26, 2023Lucky For Life5-30-31-33-407
Nov 25, 2023Lucky For Life3-6-9-21-264
Nov 24, 2023Lucky For Life3-12-15-38-449
Nov 23, 2023Lucky For Life7-25-33-43-449
Nov 22, 2023Lucky For Life7-31-35-39-433
Nov 21, 2023Lucky For Life23-30-36-37-4715
Nov 20, 2023Lucky For Life5-12-16-31-409
Nov 19, 2023Lucky For Life11-14-29-42-433
Nov 18, 2023Lucky For Life1-2-3-27-305
Nov 17, 2023Lucky For Life5-8-27-33-3917
Nov 16, 2023Lucky For Life11-22-25-29-3410
Nov 15, 2023Lucky For Life5-6-15-20-485
Nov 14, 2023Lucky For Life20-35-36-44-481
Nov 13, 2023Lucky For Life8-10-30-45-4714
Nov 12, 2023Lucky For Life2-13-27-28-3418
Nov 11, 2023Lucky For Life10-24-27-31-3711
Nov 10, 2023Lucky For Life6-18-28-31-4217
Nov 09, 2023Lucky For Life2-15-22-35-392

Ohio Lucky For Life Lottery Live Drawings Results for Sep 08 2023

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