PCSO Swertres Result Today

84 / 100

PCSO Swertres Result Today

Swertres Result – Here is that the official 3D Lotto Result today, from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) supported 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM live draws online.

PCSO Swertres Result Today - 3digit Result Yesterday

3D also referred to as Swertres is one of the foremost popular digit games within the Philippines. The PCSO releases the official 3D result / Swertres result at 2pm, 5pm and 9pm. Refresh this page after the scheduled draw time to ascertain the newest results.

If you can see the latest results of Swertres Result Today, Swertres Result History, and Swertres Result Summary.

Congratulations to all or any of the winners. if you probably did not make it in today’s draws, don’t worry, there are still more draws to return. 3D Swertres tickets are still at P20 each. Please check this post regularly for the newest 3D Swertres Lotto results from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Only persons aged 18 and above are allowed to play Swertres Lotto. Players are liable for checking the accuracy of the info printed on their tickets.

How to play Swertres Lotto / 3D Lotto

  • Select your Swertres number combination by marking one (1) number out of numbers 0 to 9 in each of the three columns.
  • Mark LP (Lucky Pick) if you would like the terminal to settle on the amount combination for you.
  • Select your play amount.
  • Mark Rambolito if you would like to play Rambolito 3D Lotto System Bet.
  • For Advance Plays, mark the number of consecutive draws within the Draw panel.

Where to say 3D Lotto Prize/s

For P10,001.00 and up, excluding the Jackpot Prize, prizes are often claimed in PCSO Branch Offices in your area or at the PCSO Head Office.

For P24 up to P10,000, prizes are often claimed at the Lotto outlet where you purchased your ticket or at the PCSO Branch Offices in your area.

Please make sure that you check your numbers at the official PCSO website. ez2resultstoday.com can’t be held liable for any misprints, typos, or inaccuracies that cause any loss or failure to say winnings.

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