South Carolina Powerball Sep 11 2023 – SC Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

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South Carolina Powerball Sep 11 2023 Winning Numbers

South Carolina Powerball Sep 11 2023 Lottery Results & Winning Numbers – Find in this post (SC) South Carolina Powerball Sep 11 2023, live drawing results, top payouts, and updated lottery winning numbers for today (Monday) and the past 30 days.

DateWinning NumbersRed BallPayout
Wednesday, Sep 20, 202316-27-59-62-63
Power Play: 3

SC Powerball Double Play

Check here for SC Powerball Double Play lottery results and Winning Numbers for today (Monday) Sep 11, 2023.

DateDouble Play NumbersRed BallsPayout
Wednesday, Sep 20, 202306-20-29-46-6808

SC Powerball Lottery Results For Yesterday

Check here for SC Powerball lottery results and Winning Numbers for yesterday Sep 09, 2023. Find in the below table yesterday’s SC Powerball lottery results summary.

DatePowerball NumbersRed BallPayoutPowerball Double PlayRed BallPayout
Monday, Sep 18, 20232-21-26-40-42
Power Play: 3
Monday, Sep 18, 202303-07-41-48-6714

What is the ticket Cost of a South Carolina Powerball Lottery  Ticket?

Watch here South Carolina Powerball lottery ticket costs that are $2 Per Play. Pick a lucky number for any day of the week.

What is the Next Draw Date & Time for South Carolina Powerball Lottery?

13 September 2023 (Wednesday) at (10:59) P.M., ET is the next draw date and time for South Carolina Powerball lottery.

South Carolina Powerball Lottery Previous Results & Winning Numbers

South Carolina Powerball Sep 11 2023 – SC Live Draw

Check here today’s Winning Numbers for South Carolina Powerball Sep 11 2023 & the past 30 days.

Drawing DateLottery NamePast Winning NumbersPowerballPower Play
20 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball16-27-59-62-63323
18 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball2-21-26-40-4293
16 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball08-11-19-24-46052
13 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball22-30-37-44-45183
11 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball09-25-27-53-6652
09 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball11-19-29-63-68252
06 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball09-14-20-23-6313
04 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball01-26-32-46-51133
02 Sep 2023Indiana Powerball25-38-42-66-67194
30 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball4-13-35-61-6942
28 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball4-6-25-55-68262
26 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball20-22-26-28-6353
23 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball25-30-32-33-55202
21 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball3-4-12-22-28162
19 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball01-25-27-38-62132
16 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball09-11-17-19-55012
14 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball32-34-37-39-47032
12 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball19-21-37-50-65262
09 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball10-15-21-69-67032
07 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball06-13-20-35-54222
05 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball18-42-44-62-65232
02 Aug 2023Indiana Powerball23-24-33-51-64052

Note: We regularly update the above prescribed previous results history list of South Carolina Mega Millions and three days a week South Carolina Powerball results.

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