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Alabama Lottery Draw Results – Winning Numbers

Alabama Lottery

There is currently no lottery for the state of Alabama due to constitutional prohibitions and strong religious objections. There have been numerous attempts to establish an Alabama Lottery, most recently in the last few years, but they have all failed at the final legislative hurdle due to a lack of support.

In Alabama, a constitutional amendment allowing for a state lottery was beaten in 1999. Approximately 54% of voters objected to the lottery referendum, while 46% supported it. The total voter turnout was approximated to be 50%. There is a strong Christian case against instituting the lottery in Alabama. Since 1999, there has been little discussion of another state lottery proposal.

Alabama Lottery Draw Results - Winning Numbers

The Different Alabama Lottery Games Available

Owing to the unavailability of an Alabama Lottery, the best lotteries available to Alabamians are the largest – those nationwide lotteries. Mega Millions and Powerball are two of the most popular draw games with massive jackpots. Although there is no official state lottery, these two act like it by being available in almost all legal states.

Alabamians can take a regional spin by purchasing a Cash4Life ticket in FloridaGeorgia, or Tennessee. In addition, of course, scratch cards are available throughout the country, offering smaller (but still significant!) instant wins. Check the latest updates of USA Lottery Results.

Mega Millions: The Big Win

Mega Millions is truly the big one. Until 2002, it was referred to as The Big Game! This Alabama Lottery game is a 5/70 game in which 5 numbers are drawn from a pool of 70 on Tuesday and Friday evenings, with a 1/25 “Megaball” bonus. You can buy a ticket to choose your 5 + 1 numbers for $2, and the payouts start at that amount. The prize money ranges from $2 to $1 million, but the real treat is the rolling jackpot, which can reach $500 million! View Powerball & Mega Millions latest lottery results.

Powerball: Paying Out

Powerball is an extremely popular US lottery that is available in 45 states. This Alabama Lottery game is a 5/69 game with a 1 in 26 chance of winning the Powerball. The games gained popularity – in 2018, Powerball paid out a record-breaking jackpot of 1.54 billion! Spend an additional dollar on a Power Play to increase your chances of scoring a smaller big win and get higher overall returns. Check out the drawings, which take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Cash4Life: The Endless Prize

Cash4Life is a popular lottery in the Southeast and a famous Alabama lottery for those who can get their hands on a $2 ticket. This AL lottery is a 5/60 game with a bonus of only one in four! Given the other draw games available in Alabama, this results in some pretty low payout odds. However, this lottery has two great features: if you match 5 numbers with or without the Cash Ball, you’ll have a steady income for the rest of your life, and there are daily drawings!

Fantasy 5: A Daily Draw Georgia Treat

Fantasy 5 is yet another AL lottery with a daily draw, which means you can play more and get your money back faster! This game’s simplicity and value appeal to us. A ticket costs $1 and can be worth $1 million if you’re lucky enough to hit the rolling jackpot. Choose 5 numbers from a pool of 42 and win with as few as two matches. Spend an extra dollar per play to compete for a Cash Match instant win! To win up to $500, match any of your numbers to the Cash Match numbers.

Final Words

Due to a few historical and cultural quirks, lotteries have never been legal in Alabama. While Alabama does not have an official lottery, there are some fantastic viable alternatives outside of the state.

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