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Welcome, Malta super 5 Plus lotto lovers; The Maltco Lotteries Limited is responsible for the conduction of Super 5 Plus lotto game and other national lotteries of Malta. The Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto is a Malta-based lottery game and started in July 2001. This is available only in Malta country. This lotto game is widely famous and always known as Super 5 Plus Malta. The Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto game is played in the islands of Malta and Gozo.

The super 5 Plus Malta draws is held every Wednesday & Friday, unless there’s a public holiday in Malta, in which case the lottery is held on a Tuesday & Thursday at 19:10.

Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto Draw Results

The Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto game live draw is broadcasted on NET TV, Melita Channel 4, ONE TV, and Melita Digital Channel 106. The Latest & recent Results of the Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto game are also available on the local newspapers of Malta as well on the main Maltco lotteries website.

The winning numbers combinations and jackpot prizes information may also be collected from one of Maltco Lotteries’ points of sale; and also by Tellme service, TVM’s Teletext, Vodafone’s SMS Flash, Go Plus’, and Go Mobile’s IOD.

Recent & Latest Malta Super 5 Lotto Results For 31 May 2024

Find here Latest winning numbers combination of Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto draw results for 31 May 2024.

Malta Super 5 Plus lotto draw Results    -=- 31 May 2024 Friday
03 09 26 30 38
Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto Next Draw, Jackpot Prizes, Ticket Price

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05 June 2024 (Wednesday)

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Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto Ticket Price

View here the actual cost of the super 5 Plus lottery ticket is €2 ($ 2.3).

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Recent Malta Super 5 Plus Lotto Winning Numbers History

If you have missed live draw results of super 5 Plus Malta, then no need of worry. Get recent Malta super 5 Plus lotto past winning number results history. You can get yesterday, last week, last month’s results history from here. Lotto players can also get the last day, last 5, 7, 10, 30, 50, 100 days winning numbers history from below table.

Malta Lotto Date Day Winning Numbers
Malta Super 5 Plus 31 May 2024 Friday 03-09-26-30-38
Malta Super 5 Plus 29 May 2024 Wednesday 19-24-39-42-44 
Malta Super 5 Plus 24 May 2024 Friday 16-24-27-32-35
Malta Super 5 Plus 22 May 2024 Wednesday 09-13-28-37-44
Malta Super 5 Plus 17 May 2024 Friday 11-13-22-26-43 
Malta Super 5 Plus 15 May 2024 Wednesday 13-27-29-36-37
Malta Super 5 Plus 10 May 2024 Friday 02-10-27-31-36
Malta Super 5 Plus 08 May 2024 Wednesday 01-04-07-13-40
Malta Super 5 Plus 03 May 2024 Friday 12-14-28-29-30