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Alaska Lottery Draw Results – Winning Numbers

Alaska Lottery

Due to the sparse population distribution across the vast state, there is currently no official Alaska lottery on the Last Frontier. However, Alaskans who are fortunate enough to travel to the contiguous United States can take their chances at the major lotteries available nationwide or even ask their interstate friends to buy lottery tickets as gifts, as this is a legal workaround.

Alaska Lottery History

Lotteries have been prohibited, and other forms of gambling have been strictly regulated since Alaska’s admission to the union in 1959, focusing on the charitability of the revenue raised. Recent attempts to legislate an official AK lotto have been thwarted for two major reasons. To begin with, the state of Alaska is so sparsely populated that running an official state lottery is questionable. Second, already established charitable gambling revenue would face increased competition.

In 2003, there was a lot of talk about gambling proposals in Alaska. However, in contrast to Alabama, Alaska never put a state lottery proposal on the ballot. So lately, there hasn’t been much talk about instituting a state lottery in Alaska. Check the latest updates of USA Lottery Results.

Alaska Lottery Draw Results - Winning Numbers

A Variety of Alaska Lottery Games

Although Alaska lottery does not have an official lottery, various game types and opportunities are available. Some of the best lotteries are those that are available across the country. Mega Millions and Powerball are two of the most popular draw games with massive jackpots.

Independent lotteries come in various formats, the most common of which is a draw. Finally, Scratchers are available across the country and offer smaller instant wins. View Powerball & Mega Millions latest lottery results.

Mega Millions: Big Jackpots

Mega Millions is one of two major multi-jurisdictional AK Draw Games available. You can purchase your tickets in the contiguous United States for a chance to win the massive rolling jackpot, which can sometimes exceed $500 million! Choose 5 numbers from 70 to receive the Megaball bonus, then choose 1 number from 25. Tickets are only $2, which is a small price to pay to be eligible for such a large jackpot!

Alaska Mega Millions Apr 23 2024

DateWinning NumbersMega BallPayout
Tuesday, Apr 23, 202411-17-33-39-43
Megaplier: 4

The Dream Maker: Powerball

Powerball is the other multi-jurisdictional Draw Game, and it is virtually identical to its counterpart in terms of style, prizes, and odds. So what does this have to do with you? Another opportunity to win the jackpot of your dreams. The Powerball is a 5/69 game with a 1/26 bonus. One significant difference from Mega Millions is that you can spend an extra dollar on a Power Play to increase your overall odds of winning any prize, so this one is good for smaller wins.

Alaska Powerball Apr 22 2024

DateWinning NumbersRed BallPayout
Monday, Apr 22, 202412-16-33-39-52
Power Play: 2
$13 Million

Alaska Powerball Double Play Apr 22 2024

DateWinning NumbersRed BallPayout
Monday, Apr 22, 202411-15-25-32-3923
$10 Million

Chase the Ace

The Alaska Lottery game is a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization – or multiple nonprofits –supported by an Alaska operator license. The nonprofit receives 50% of the revenue from $2 ticket sales, so you can rest easy knowing your wager is helping others. The jackpot winnings receive 30% of the pot, with the remaining 20% to the weekly prize. Following the Sunday draw, winning weekly tickets can take their chance at the Jackpot by selecting a number from 54, successively revealing the Chase the Ace windows week by week until the Ace is found.

AK Scratchers: Lottery Scratchers with the Best Odds

Scratchers are wonderful because they provide instant wins at reasonable odds without causing as much anxiety as Draw Games! Unfortunately, lotteries are, once again, illegal in Alaska, and scratchers are no exception. The pull tab, a close cousin to the scratcher, is used in Canada to raise funds for nonprofits and charities. What is the distinction? To reveal the symbols, instead of scratching, you lift a flap. Here is a list of the top 5 pull tabs in Alaska for your betting pleasure.

  1. Zig Zag (1 out of 1.28 Odds)
  2. Alaskan Oasis ( 1 out of 1.28 Odds)
  3. Big Ass Game (1 out of 1.3 Odds)
  4. Royal Stud (1 out of 1.33 Odds)
  5. Moose on the Loose ( 1 out of 1.34 Odds)

Final Words

Alaska lottery does not have lotteries, but some state-sponsored charitable lotteries are. There are still various game types and opportunities available to Alaskans across the country.

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