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Florida Lottery is Closing 10 Scratch-off Games in April

Florida Lottery is Saying Goodbye 10 Scratch-off Games in Spring

The Florida Lottery is saying goodbye to 10 of its scratch-off games, so it’s time to check winning tickets that are in your drawers, and wallets. Starting April 5th, these popular games will no longer be available for purchase in the Florida Lottery.

This means if you’ve been eyeing a specific game, now’s the time to take a chance! Here’s a rundown of the games reaching their end date:

Game Name Game Number Last Purchase Chance Claim Your Prize By Price per Play
FLORIDA 100X THE CASH #5047 April 5th June 4th ($10 to Play)
FLORIDA 50X THE CASH #5046 April 5th June 4th ($5 to Play)
THE CASH WHEEL #5033 April 5th June 4th ($3 to Play)
WHOLE LOTTA $500S #1522 April 5th June 4th ($5 to Play)
$10 MONOPOLY DOUBLER #1512 April 5th June 4th ($10 to Play)
$2MM BONUS CASHWORD #1508 April 5th June 4th  ($10 to Play)
$1,000 A WK FOR LIFE #1491 April 5th June 4th ($2 to Play)
20X THE CASH #1467 April 5th June 4th ($2 to Play)
$5,000,000 CASHWORD #1457 April 5th June 4th ($20 to Play)
MONEY ROLL #1361 April 5th June 4th ($2 to Play)

 For a complete list of the ending games and their final claim dates, you can visit the Florida Lottery website. So if you buy a ticket before April 5th, you’ll still have time to claim your prize. Winners have 60 days from the end date to redeem their winning tickets for any of these 10 games.

The process for claiming your prize depends on the amount you’ve won. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate the process:

  • Small Wins ($599 or Less): Keep things simple! You can claim these prizes at any authorized Florida Lottery retailer or a Florida Lottery District Office.
  • Medium Wins ($600 to $1 Million): For prizes in this range, head to your nearest Florida Lottery District Office. This applies to games that don’t offer an annual payment option.
  • Big Wins (Over $1 Million): Congratulations! For these top prizes, a trip to Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee is required.

If driving to Tallahassee isn’t an option, there’s a mail-in alternative – but only for prizes of $250,000 or less.

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