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Finally, After 3 Months, the Oregon Lottery Player Named a Record-Breaking $1.30 Billion Jackpot

After a Late Drawing an Oregon Lottery Player Won the $1.30 billion Jackpot

Finally, After 3 Months, the Oregon Lottery Player Named a Record-Breaking $1.30 Billion Jackpot

Oregon lottery history took a thrilling turn with Powerball’s $1.30 billion jackpot winning. This staggering prize of $1.326 billion stands as the largest ever within Oregon’s borders. This jackpot continually eluding 41 drawings, finally crowned to Oregon lottery winner. The lucky ticket was purchased in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

The Powerball drawing was scheduled for Saturday but was delayed due to a participating lottery needing additional time to complete “pre-draw procedures. This situation created more suspense and heightened the anticipation for lottery enthusiasts across the nation. Finally instead of Saturday night Powerball lottery was drawn on Sunday, at 2:29 AM ET. The magic numbers were: 22, 27, 44, 52, 69, and the Powerball of 9.

Jenny Meadows, Deputy Director of the Oregon Lottery, exclaims, “No one in Oregon has ever won a prize of this magnitude!” She added, “Oregon’s lottery legacy now boasts a dazzling new chapter.” Because this jackpot eclipsed all previous records. The last $340 million was claimed in 2005.

While Oregon celebrates its first-ever Powerball billionaire, seven lucky players from other states also walked away with significant prizes. Matching all five white balls but missing the coveted Powerball number secured them a cool $1 million each in the Powerball second-tier prize. These winners hail from Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wyoming.

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