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Wisconsin Supercash – Find here Wisconsin Supercash lottery latest results, winning numbers,  & jackpot prizes. The Wisconsin Lottery Commission and Revenue Department conduct live drawing results of the Wisconsin Supercash lottery.

WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 Lottery Results

WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 Lottery Results

WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 Results & Winning Numbers

Find in this post, live drawing results, winning numbers, prizes & odds for WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 (Thursday).

Date WI SuperCash! Numbers Top Prize
Thursday, July 13, 2023 4-8-13-27-30-38 $350,000

Yesterday’s Results Summary of WI SuperCash!

Date WI SuperCash! Numbers Top Prize
Wednesday, July 12, 2023 5-8-9-10-11-12 $350,000

When is the next drawing for Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery?

The next Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery drawing is on Friday, 14 July 2023, at 9:00 CT (GMT-6:00).

WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 Lottery Results

Wisconsin SuperCash! Past Winning Numbers

Please collect your desired results from given below table that shows WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 today, yesterday, and the past 30 days winning numbers history.

Drawing Date WI SuperCash! Past Numbers
13 July 2023     4-8-13-27-30-38
12 July 2023     5-8-9-10-11-12
11 July 2023     6-19-24-26-27-35
10 July 2023     4-14-16-22-23-24
09 July 2023     2-8-18-20-26-34
08 July 2023     4-6-17-30-32-33
07 July 2023     4-6-8-15-19-36
06 July 2023     3-5-13-16-27-35
05 July 2023    1-9-14-33-37-39
04 July 2023    2-14-16-21-23-36
03 July 2023    3-7-10-14-23-39

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Wisconsin SuperCash! Lotto Drawing Schedule

Wisconsin SuperCash! Lotto’s cool feature is that played on a daily basis. View here Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery drawing timing & ticket sales ending time.

Days Draw Time Sales Stop
Sunday 9:00 PM CT 9:00 PM CT
Monday 9:00 PM CT 9:00 PM CT
Tuesday 9:00 PM CT 9:00 PM CT
Wednesday 9:00 PM CT 9:00 PM CT
Thursday 9:00 PM CT 9:00 PM CT
Friday 9:00 PM CT 9:00 PM CT
Saturday 9:00 PM CT 9:00 PM CT

WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 Lottery Results

Watch here Wisconsin SuperCash! July 13 2023 Latest Live Drawing results and winning numbers in this YouTube video.

Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery History

Wisconsin state launched its second Lottery game SuperCash! in 1991. WI SuperCash! is the oldest Lottery game in the US. Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery draws are happening daily at night. When WI SuperCash! Lottery started jackpot was $250,000 but in 2005, it altered from $350,000.

Wisconsin Lottery Commission

Wisconsin Gaming Commission protects the integrity of WI Lottery games. Wisconsin Lottery Commission also has regulatory responsibility to protect the public interest. Cindy Polzin is operating as the Director of the Wisconsin Lottery Commission.

Use of Wisconsin Lottery dollars

Wisconsin-living people are lucky because a portion of lottery ticket sales is set aside for homeowners. According to Wisconsin’s 1987 legalization when there is any lottery ticket sold the money they are entitled to a portion of lottery dollars.

Wisconsin Lottery over $10.2 Billion pays as Prizes which is a minimum of 50% of total lottery dollars. Wisconsin Lottery is funding over $5.4 Billion for Property Tax Credits to taxpayers.

Retailers of the Wisconsin lottery get around $1.1 Billion. Around $1.1 Billion is going to meet the Operational Expenses (salaries, employee benefits, supplies, & services.

Cost of Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery ticket

Wisconsin game SuperCash! tickets cost $1 per entry for two lines.

How do I Play Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery?

Wisconsin SuperCash! is an uncomplicated Lottery game. For SuperCash! fans’ ease, the procedure of playing is depicted here.

Simply select your favorite 6 numbers between 1-39.

Ask for Quick Pick & let the computer select the numbers for you.

If you want to play SuperCash! Lottery in advance then mark the multi-draw box.

At the end check your ticket numbers with the draw, after drawing.

Wisconsin SuperCash! odds & prizes

Match Prize Odds 
6 out of 6 $350,000* 1 in 1,631,312
5 out of 6 $500 1 in 8,239
4 out of 6 $30 1 in 206
3 out of 6 $1 1 in 15
Overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 14.
*When more than 20 winners then the amount of $7 million is divided equally among them.

How do I claim Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery?

If you are the winner of Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery then you should keep in mind some given precautions. Wisconsin Lottery claiming process is described here.

First of all, double-check your winning ticket while you win.

Must sign off your ticket before someone show their possession.

Not to believe scammers, because they can take your winning amount.

When win, make a hurry to claim prizes because 180 days later you can’t claim the prize.

Options for claiming

Claiming option will remain the same whether you win any Wisconsin lottery.

Prize Level Options
$599 or less

Claim at any local retailer.
Claim at any Wisconsin Lottery claim center.
Claim by mail.

$600 to $199,999 Claim at any Wisconsin Lottery claim center.
Claim by mail.
Of $200,000 or more Claim at the Wisconsin Lottery Headquarters.
Call 608-261-4916 before visiting.

Wisconsin Lottery Tax Information

Wisconsin Lottery tax withholdings on winnings for US residents

Winnings US Resident
TAX Percentage
$1,999 to $5,000
State Tax 7.65%
Federal Tax 0%
  Total 7.65%
Over $5,000 
State Tax 7.65
Federal Tax 24%
  Total 31.65%

Wisconsin Lottery tax withholdings on winnings for US residents & Non-US citizens.

Winnings Not US-Residents
TAX Percentage
Up to $1,999 State Tax 0%
Federal Tax 30%
  Total 30%
$2,000 or more State Tax 7.65
Federal Tax 30%
Total 37.65%

Wisconsin Lottery Rules

Please read carefully the below-mentioned rules, before playing and purchasing a lottery ticket for WI SuperCash! July 13 2023.

  • Wisconsin Lottery is restricted to those 18 and older.
  • In Wisconsin Lottery the winner’s identity can not remain anonymous.
  • Wisconsin Lottery printed tickets cannot be canceled.
  • Wisconsin Lottery tickets can’t be purchased after the cut-off time.
  • In case of any changes, Wisconsin Lottery can delay in payment of the Prize.
  • In case of stolen & losing of winning tickets payment not be paid.
  • After the ticket expiry, WI Lottery winner will lose the prize amount.

Press Release about Wisconsin SuperCash! Lottery

July 13, 2023 – Powerball Historic Jackpot winner Edwin Castro after claiming his win first used this amount on real estate, and nowadays for well decore this home he is looking for luxury tables astonishing. For this, he is taking help from a girl who is a design expert so she is helping him in a good way.

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Wisconsin Lottery contacts

Headquarters Address
2135 Rimrock Road Madison, WI 53713
Contact #: 608-261-4916

Milwaukee Office Address
Milwaukee Lottery Office 819 N 6th St 4th Floor, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Contact #: 608-261-4916

Mailing Address
Wisconsin Lottery P.O. Box 777 Madison, WI 53774

WI Gambling Problem #
Service Hours
8:00 PM to 4:00 PM

References; Lottery Winners of WI SuperCash! July 13 2023 may consult for tax details

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