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Hawaii Lottery Draw Results – Winning Numbers

Hawaii Lottery

Hawaii currently does not have a state lottery and does not participate in interstate lottery draw games such as Powerball and Mega Millions. Currently, Hawaii is one of five states that prohibit lottery gambling and one of only two states that prohibit all forms of gambling, the other being Utah. Given these circumstances, it is clear that Hawaii is perhaps the least welcoming place in the country for lottery gambling.

In Hawaii, there is no legal online lottery. All forms of gambling are illegal. Because Hawaii has no neighboring states, it has never felt the need to compete with lottery ticket sales. Some believe that allowing gambling would be detrimental to the local tourism industry, as it is a popular family destination. These are contentious issues, so that a Hawaii lottery may be implemented in the future. For the time being, Hawaiians can only participate in the lottery by purchasing tickets in other legal states. Tickets can be returned, but they cannot be purchased within state lines. Check the latest updates of USA Lottery Results.


Hawaii Lottery Draw Results - Winning Numbers


Every year, statistics are released that detail the number of lottery tickets purchased by residents of states where gambling is illegal. These figures usually spark a heated debate over whether the lost tax revenue from lottery ticket sales is worth it and whether legalization should be implemented. Lottery tourism is lucrative for vendors selling high-profile draw games, especially when a large jackpot is on the line. However, crossing state lines to play the lottery is difficult for Hawaiians. Therefore, the argument for more liberalized gambling laws in Hawaii revolves around the lost tax revenue.

So, why is Hawaii lottery still refusing to abandon its anti-gambling stance and allow a lottery, casinos, and all other forms of gambling into its market? To begin with, the local government is vehemently opposed to any gambling legislation and has maintained that gambling would entice “various types of people.”.” View Powerball & Mega Millions latest lottery

HI Lotto‘s Future Prospects

The concept of a Hawaii lottery has been circulating for over a century! It’s not like it’s all idle talk. Bills have been drafted and debated, but they never seem to get anywhere. In January 2019, a bill was introduced in the state senate to make the Powerball and Mega Millions the first HI lotto games available to Hawaiians. The benefits are obvious, and supporters of the bill are already gaining a much more vocal presence within Hawaii’s internal political battles. The most obvious advantage is the massive infusion of funding for state projects that the lottery can provide. Unfortunately, in March 2019, the decision to vote on introducing these lotteries was postponed until late 2020.

In yet another example of Hawaii’s opposition to gambling, a senate-commissioned report on the feasibility of a lottery to raise revenue for state coffers was thrown out and prevented from being completed.

A wide range of politicians, business leaders, and members of society support the implementation of a lottery in Hawaii. Many people believe that the $50-$100 million raised by a Hawaii lottery will significantly help some of the state’s most pressing issues, such as homelessness, food banks, and disaster relief.

However, many Republicans are vehemently opposed to any form of gambling legislation. They believe that introducing a lottery would only worsen the social conditions of its society’s most vulnerable members. As Republican state representative Gene Ward sarcastically commented on the Hawaii lottery bill, “if you want to create social ills and homelessness, this is probably a good bill.”

Hawaii Lottery Final Words

The reasons for Hawaii’s adamant anti-gambling stance are complex and deeply ingrained in the state’s social fabric. This may change in the future, but any form of lottery finding its way to these beautiful Pacific Ocean islands is unlikely in the short term.

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