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A Virginia Woman’s Feline Pharmacy Visit Made Her Powerball Winner

In Virginia Lottery Almost A Month Later Visit of Pharmacy a Lady Found Out She is a Powerball Winner

A resident of Chester, Virginia, whose trip to the pharmacy for her cat’s medicine turned into a life-changing moment. According to a March 20th news release from the Virginia Lottery, Turgeon and her husband visited a Rite Aid to pick up some medication for their feline, Sheba. While her husband handled that task, Turgeon, decided to head over to the Virginia Lottery machine.

She opted for a Powerball ticket for the January 27th drawing, a decision that proved to be perfectly timed. It had been a while since Turgeon purchased a lottery ticket, but she had not checked it.

After several months, Turgeon remembered about the Powerball ticket tucked away in her purse during a routine check of her old tickets. So she quickly scanned her ticket at the Virginia Lottery website and revealed a life-altering truth. She discovered her ticket’s numbers matched four white balls and the Powerball, which meant she had won a cool $50,000 prize!

According to the Virginia lottery, Turgeon is the savviest player ever, who had opted for the Power Play multiplier during her purchase. This wise decision doubled her prize money, bringing her total to a staggering $100,000!

“It’s surreal!” Turgeon exclaimed to lottery officials, still likely grappling with the unexpected windfall. While she hasn’t yet disclosed specific plans for her winnings, one thing is certain – this lucky lady’s trip for cat medicine will forever be etched in her memory as the day her life changed for the better.

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