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Ohio Lottery’s Friends Score Big Win at Akron Bowling Alley

In Ohio Lottery The Three Friends Won over $57,000 in the EZPLAY Progressive Jackpot Game

Three friends in Akron, Ohio, are celebrating a win that’s even more satisfying than a perfect game. Jarren, David, and Patrick are known for their friendly bowling rivalry. They have taken their camaraderie a step further, transforming their usual bowling night into an evening of unexpected fortune.

According to the Ohio Lottery, these friends aren’t just mates in bowling but they are also partners in lottery games. On March 21st, they pooled their money and decided to try their luck on the EZPLAY Progressive Jackpot Game at Spins Bowl in Akron.

Little did those friends know, this decision would land them a jackpot prize of $57,271! After accounting for state and federal taxes totaling 28%, their final winning amount was $41,235. Now they will split over $40,000 winning amongst the three friends.

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