6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024 – 6 42 Draw

6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024

PCSO 6/42 Lotto Results Today Mar 28 2024 – The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office PCSO officially conducts live draws for 6/42 lotto Results Today Mar 28 2024, for every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 P.M. 6/42 lotto commonly known as Lotto in the Philippines.

PCSO authorities announce 6/42 lotto results through their official PTV4 YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Congratulations to Today’s 6/42 Lotto winners!


Watch here the 6/42 Lotto Results Today Mar 28 2024, winning number combinations in any order, Jackpot prize, and the total number of winners.

6/42 LOTTO RESULT TODAY Mar 28 2024

6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024 – 6 42 Draw

6/42 Today’s Results, Jackpot & Winning Numbers
Draw Time Winning Numbers Jackpot Prize
09:00PM Php —

Note: PCSO conducts the 6/42 lotto live draw on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 pm. Find here the PCSO 6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024, at night 9 pm. PCSO 6/42 results are published instantly after the draw announcement with same lotto commission.


30 March 2024 (Saturday) same time is the next draw for the 6/42 Lotto, As the 6/42 Lotto Results  Today 28 Mar 2024 are announced.

The table showing the result is similar to the 6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024 for 9:00 P.M.


6/42 Yesterday’s Results, Jackpot & Winning Numbers
Draw Time Winning Numbers Jackpot Prize
09:00PM 17-23-30-27-40-12 9,522,382.20

Note: We modify the above table on a regular basis previous and the latest update 6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024 on a day.

Visit 6/42 Lotto Results Yesterday and 6/42 Lotto Result History pages to reconfirm the previous day results. Suggest we hear tips through the comment box.

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What is the Price of a 6/42 Lotto play?

Bettors can See here the 6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024 and find here the 6/42 lotto entry costs PHP 24 per standard play. But the bettors choose the more expensive track.


Bettors, have favored numbers ever won? Search past draws If you missed even a single draw 6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024 don’t worry about it! You can check out our 6/42 lotto history below:

Draw Date  Lottery Name Past Winning Numbers  Jackpot Prize (Php)
28 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto    
26 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 17-23-30-27-40-12  9,522,382.20 
23 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto  31-39-22-04-37-35 6,533,007.80 
21 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 09-07-12-13-10-14 5,940,000.00 
19 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 28-27-07-14-11-09 42,938,209.60 
16 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 30-15-22-31-17-28 9,756,455.60
14 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 30-09-07-41-33-32 6,235,745.00 
12 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 5,940,000.00 
09 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 17-21-12-24-30-02 5,940,000.00 
07 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 12-29-28-37-03-10 10,592,207.40 
05 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 03-24-40-18-35-41 6,911,094.60 
02 Mar 2024 6/42 Lotto 17-02-04-03-36-35 5,940,000.00 
29 Feb 2024 6/42 Lotto 05-21-03-33-30-41 15,019,736.80
27 Feb 2024 6/42 Lotto 41-26-32-40-31-39 10,877,076.20 
24 Feb 2024 6/42 Lotto 31-12-27-40-01-19  7,433,279.40 
22 Feb 2024 6/42 Lotto  05-21-17-36-22-07  5,940,000.00
20 Feb 2024 6/42 Lotto  22-17-01-29-11-06 10,990.641.60
17 Feb 2024 6/42 Lotto 29-14-13-05-09-18 7,488,195.20
15 Feb 2024 6/42 Lotto 09-38-28-22-04-20 5,940,000.00

Note: We modify the above mention table on a daily basis. The above table is daily updated after the draws happened, it should illustrate the PCSO 6/42 Lotto Result Today Mar 28 2024 Lotto results beyond this article posting date.

How to Play 6/42 Lotto

Playing 6/42 Lotto is both simple and exhilarating. To participate, players must select six numbers from a pool of 1 to 42. They can choose their numbers manually or opt for a Quick Pick, where the system randomly generates numbers for them. Each ticket allows players to choose one set of numbers and costs a nominal fee. Players can also increase their chances of winning by selecting additional sets of numbers or playing system bets.

How to Claim Prizes

Claiming prizes for 6/42 Lotto winnings is a straightforward process designed to ensure that players receive their rewards promptly. Upon winning, players must present their winning ticket and a valid identification card to an authorized lottery outlet or regional office. Prizes vary depending on the type of bet placed and the amount won. For prizes exceeding a certain threshold, winners may need to claim their winnings at designated lottery claim centers or regional offices. It’s important to check the validity period for claiming prizes, as unclaimed winnings may expire after a specified timeframe.

Game Prize Details

6/42 Lotto offers an array of prize tiers, providing players with multiple opportunities to win based on the accuracy of their number combination. The game features various bet types, including standard bets, system bets, and additional number bets, each offering different prize structures. Standard bets involve selecting six numbers and winning the jackpot by matching all six numbers in exact order. System bets allow players to cover more number combinations, increasing their chances of winning across multiple prize tiers. Additionally, players can choose to add an additional number to their ticket, further enhancing their chances of winning.

Lotto Gaming Protocol

Adhering to established protocols is essential for ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming experience. Lotto gaming protocol encompasses various aspects, including responsible gaming practices, ethical conduct, and regulatory compliance. Players are encouraged to play responsibly, setting limits on their spending and avoiding chasing losses. Lottery operators are committed to maintaining transparency and integrity in all aspects of the gaming process, from drawing procedures to prize distribution. Additionally, adherence to local regulations and guidelines ensures the legality and legitimacy of lottery operations, safeguarding the interests of both players and stakeholders.

What is the History of the Lotto 6/42?

In 1833, Lotteries are established in the Philippines. On January 29, 1850, launched the company known as Real Renta DE Loteria. The first drawing of PCSO Lotto was conducted on  January 21, 1851.

On March 8, 1995, Lotto 6/42 was established as the first national lottery game in the Philippines country. It’s a Flagship lotto draw game oldest lottery game well played exclusively in the Philippines. The owner of the lotto, who established the 6/42, Mr. Luzon. He came up with a separate lottery game “VisMin”  Visayas and Mindanao two geographical Regions as a single unit. In 2005, these two draws were combined into a Nationwide. Lotto 6/42 prizes are higher and higher starting at Php 5.9 Million.

Bettors win the Initial Jackpot Prize IJP, Php 5,940,000.00 is the estimated net cash prize. Here We share the lotto all details today 6/42 Result Today Mar 28 2024


  1. How often are 6/42 Lotto draws held?
    • 6/42 Lotto draws are typically conducted three times a week, providing multiple opportunities for players to participate and win.
  2. What is the minimum age requirement to play 6/42 Lotto?
    • The minimum age requirement to play 6/42 Lotto varies depending on local regulations. In most jurisdictions, players must be at least 18 years old to participate.
  3. Can I claim my 6/42 Lotto prize if I lose my ticket?
    • Losing your winning ticket may pose challenges when claiming prizes. It’s crucial to keep your ticket safe and secure to facilitate the prize claiming process.
  4. Are there any taxes on 6/42 Lotto winnings?
    • Taxes on 6/42 Lotto winnings may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the amount won. It’s advisable to consult with tax authorities or financial advisors to understand the tax implications of lottery winnings.
  5. Can I play 6/42 Lotto online?
    • Some lottery operators offer online platforms or mobile apps that allow players to purchase tickets and participate in 6/42 Lotto draws remotely. However, availability may vary depending on local regulations and operator policies.
  6. What happens if there are multiple jackpot winners in a 6/42 Lotto draw?
    • In the event of multiple jackpot winners, the jackpot prize pool is divided equally among the winning tickets, ensuring that each winner receives their share of the prize.

Reference:- Please use the official site for the confirmation of 6/42 result today Mar 28 2024 – PCSO 3D Lotto winning numbers and payouts.

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