Husband Wins Big in MD Pick 5 Lottery Despite Messing Up Numbers

Despite Messing Up Wife’s License Plate Numbers Man Won MD Pick 5 Lottery

A Maryland husband accidentally played the wrong numbers for the MD Pick 5 lottery game and won too. According to a Maryland lottery press release a man who is a resident of Harford County saw the winning numbers for a drawing and believed he’d missed his chance. Because he had used his car plate numbers thinking of his wife’s license number.

A week later he decided to buy a ticket on his wife’s license plate instead. However, his memory failed him again. “I checked my Maryland Lottery app on my phone,” he said, “but couldn’t remember the exact order of my wife’s license plate.” He played the numbers in what he thought was the correct sequence but with a slight jumble.

Anyhow the warehouse manager won big despite messing up numbers. It was a “happy mistake” for that manager no doubt the order he played didn’t match his wife’s plate, but it miraculously matched the winning Pick 5 numbers. The lucky man won a cool $50,000 prize, proving that sometimes, a little forgetfulness can lead to big rewards.

“It was killing me that I’d missed out on my plate,” the winner admitted. “But hey, I can’t complain now. It’s a win-win situation!” That lucky husband now has plans to use the winning money toward bills, savings, and a vacation, officials said.

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