Maryland Lottery IT Pro’s Stressed Turn into Relaxed When He Scores Big Win

Some Time Ago Stressed Forgotten When a Maryland Lottery IT Professional Scored a Big Win

Feeling the weight of a stressful day at work, an unidentified IT professional from Maryland decided to try his luck with the lottery. Lucky man, who prefers to remain anonymous but fittingly calls himself “Stone Cold Money,”. Little did he know, this impulsive decision would be the key to unlocking a life-changing experience. According to a press release issued by the Maryland Lottery on March 22nd, the man sought solace in a few lottery tickets from a Giant grocery store in Glen Burnie.

The stress of his job as an IT professional prompted him to take a chance on “Fast Play” tickets, a new game offered by the Maryland Lottery. He wasn’t drawn to the tickets but also wanted a quick escape from his daily tasks but his gamble paid off in a big way.

He opted for a variety, purchasing two $10 “Fast Play Big Win” tickets, a few $10 “Fast Play Casino Royale” tickets, and some scratch-offs. While waiting for his lunch, he scanned his tickets using the Maryland Lottery app, a routine that turned into a moment of pure elation. The app confirmed what his eyes were struggling to believe – one of the “Fast Play Big Win” tickets was a winner, securing him a second-tier prize of a cool $50K prize.

Stone Cold Money’s initial reaction was “Oh my God,” followed by speechlessness. He even checked the parking lot for witnesses before celebrating. His specific plans for the prize money include buying a house for his family, one thing is certain – his days of battling work-related stress are likely numbered

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