Woman Wins Worth $25,000 Lucky For Life Prize on Her 60th Birthday

Woman Wins Lucky For Life Prize But Her Winning Reaction Left Husband Worried

Irma Richardson of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, got an early birthday surprise. Just weeks before turning 60, Richardson purchased a $2 Quick Pick ticket for the Lucky for Life lottery game. However, the surprise wasn’t the cake or decorations – it was a life-changing $25,000 a year for life.

Woman Wins Worth $25,000 Lucky For Life Prize on Her 60th Birthday

For March 28th, Richardson bought a random ticket (Quick pick)by the lottery system online. After drawing when she checked her ticket she saw her ticket matched all five numbers drawn and she secured a prize worth a staggering $25,000 annually for life! She became speechless, her reaction leading to a hilarious misunderstanding with her husband. “he thought, I saw something crawling on the ground or something,” He was like, ‘What’s wrong with you?'”

“This is a very nice early birthday present,” Richardson shared, her excitement palpable. Instead of opting for the lifetime annuity, she chose the lump sum option, walking away with $390,000 after taxes (approximately $278,851). This sweet victory couldn’t have come at a better time with retirement on the horizon. Richardson expressed her gratitude, stating, “I’m just glad to be here.” She expressed in the North Carolina Lottery official press release “This is a very nice early birthday present – a few years from retirement, this is very nice to have.”

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