In Michigan Lottery Montcalm County Woman Won Nearly $800,000

In Michigan Lottery a Montcalm County Winner Won $800,000 on Fast Cash Game

A lucky woman from Montcalm County, Michigan, won nearly $800,000 playing the state lottery’s Jackpot Slots Fast Cash game. That 55-year-old lady won a $791,957 prize, she bought her ticket from Trufant Gas and Party Store. The climbing jackpot amount enthralled her so she bought a few Fast Cash tickets on February 26th. The next day, during a gas stop, she cashed in those winning tickets & won a small sum. She used the winning money to buy another Fast Cash ticket and this decision proved good and her life changed.

She described the winning moment to the Michigan Lottery officials that she handed her ticket to the store clerk for scanning “The clerk scanned the ticket and thought something was wrong with the machine,” because a message popped up saying to file a claim at the Lottery office. She said but I knew then it might be a big win.

Her thought proved correct because receiving the ticket back, the woman’s eyes froze at three jackpot symbols because she was the winner of $800,000. She said “I wanted to keep save that ticket at home as soon as possible” so she wasted no time, driving straight home to secure her $800k win.

The lucky winner recently claimed her prize at the Michigan Lottery headquarters there she said she plans to travel the world, support her children, and invest for a secure future.

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